Friday, September 23, 2011

The Older Girls


Miss Brigita is on of the older girls on Reese's Rainbow. She will be seven in February.  She still looks like a baby to me. I saw an updated photo of her and she is still just as beautiful, but still reminds me of a baby. To me and the "mamas"(there are a few of us around this planet who love her to pieces, and God saw fit to let us all find each other) that love her, she is precious, perfect and any one of us would run through fire to take her home. 
Of Course running through fire would be the easy part. Each one of us for a variety of reasons do not qualify to adopt her. So instead we advocate for our Sweet Miss B.

A wonderful bloggy friend of mine, Jane,blogs at Flight Platform Living, has a super way of advocating for these precious ones. it's called Forget Me Not Fridays. Here you can view her gallery of Delights, all looking for their forever homes.

Miss Brigita has her account back on Reese's Rainbow. I was so, so happy that the older girls now have their own individual accounts. Now we just have to fill it, find her mama, and get her home!


Robin E. said...

Thank you, Steph! From what I understand, Miss B is closer to the size of a two year old, and developmentally maybe a bit younger. But she is sweet, enjoys playing with toys, and LOVEs to be held and cuddled. This little girl would bring so much joy to her family!

If anyone is interested, I have quite a few pics and can put you in contact with a lady who spent time with Miss B, and would love to see this little sweetheart come home. She is in a place where they are unable to give her much attention, and she really needs and wants attention.

Dee said...

I would like more pics of Brigita please! I'm in love with her right now and doing some major praying about her situation (and mine). I would also love to have contact with the lady that met her. My email is