Sunday, December 18, 2011

Artem's Family

Ok I'm sure you've all heard the fabulous news about Artem getting a family!! Amazing!!!!! 
Now my friend Beth who is adopting "my" Nellie is having a fund raiser for Artem's family. Now before you run for the hills, WAIT and finish reading this. 

I know Artem has a boatload of money in his account. Thanks to Patti the Magnificent. She gets things done like no other. Now when his family is ready to travel they will be more than good to go. But that money is not for them to use now. It will not be released until they get their travel date. Now before that, there are a lot of expenses for them to deal with.   

I know this is the week before Christmas and most bank accounts are tapped out. I'm not asking for too much. Five dollars , ten??  Can't do that, then how about a prayer? If you pray maybe someone who is able to donate will .
Thank you Beth for helping out even though you are in the middle of your own adoption!! You are pretty flippin cool! Nellie is one blessed little one to be coming into your family! 
Check out the giveaway here and thank you!

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