Saturday, December 31, 2011

It Ain't Over Yet !!!

It's New Years Eve.People have plans made for a great night out. Young adults are probably already primping to look their best, wondering if they will be kissed at midnight. Couples have reservations at the best restaurants in town, booked months ago. I'm sure there are some nervous guys out there practicing in the mirror...."will you marry me?"  The world will celebrate tonight. Fireworks will sound on all four corners of the globe, and even in the most remote corners of the world, they will know it's a new year. Even my children will be pinned to the TV to watch the ball drop. Why??? Why is today so much different than yesterday? Why does a new year designate so much hoopla? I mean when you wake up tomorrow, it will all look the same. Nothing really changes. 

Or does it?

With the New Year comes HOPE! It's a new beginning. Another chance to make things right. All those resolutions!! I promise to's.... all said with the best of intentions. But how many of those resolutions ever see the light of day? I know I stopped making them years ago. I mean honestly after a couple of glasses of wine, I think I can take on the world, so resolutions made on New Years Eve don't have a fighting chance.

I'd rather just find comfort in HOPE. Another year, means God still wants us around. He's not done with us yet,and we still have a chance to make it right with Him.

Tonight, 2011 will be over, and tonight, Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree will be over too. Our goal was to get every child on that tree at least $1000.00 into their account. Why?? Because that is their HOPE! 

That is their ticket out of hell. 

There are currently 37 children who have not yet met their goals.

Can you give them some HOPE for 2012? Before you go out tonight, before you do your hair and make up and put on that fabulous outfit, before you call your friends to see what their wearing, before you look at your ring finger and get butterflies because you can just guess that tonight is the night he pops the question. Before you double check your reservations to make sure you have the best seat,before you say so long to 2011, can you give these children HOPE? 

And maybe with that bit of HOPE passed on to them by you, one day they will be making plans with their friends, and doing their hair and picking out a fabulous outfit for New Years Eve. Maybe they will have great seats at the best restaurant, and be watching the fireworks, maybe they will be glued to the TV, counting down 10. 9. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

HOPE is what they long for. Please give them HOPE. Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree

Ivan S. (region 8)
  Callie  Savannah 

Lianne (33) Elias 3G Sally 26HA


Trey 2H
 Nanette Daniel 2H

Abbott 3G Alexander A 5G Jaxon 15


Sophia E 1C Henry Vitaliy T.

Garrett 26HA   OrionDorothy Matthias 2H Andy  Daniel 3G Percy (Asia)

Randy 2H Timothy (Asia) Orson

 Keegan   Tory 15H Alexander I. (fcmd-8)Ruben Darby 2H Emily 15H James 2H Nicole 26HA Penelope 9HA  Turner (2011) DennisMelody                                                                                                             

My bracelet giveaway will run til midnight. Any one donating $10.00 to any of these children still under $1000.00 will be entered. Just leave a comment here so I can add you. 

Have a Happy and safe New Year. God bless you!!


Rochelle said...

You are the sweetest! Love and Happy New Year!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Happy New Year my amazing friend with the biggest, beautiful heart, of anyone I know!!