Saturday, December 17, 2011

Side By Side

Two ornaments hang on my tree. Two little girls so much alike. Both three years old, both just beautiful, both with an extra bit of magic in their chromosomes.  Two little girls with so much to give. Two little girls ...

One little girl is safe in my arms, with a  family to love her. Pretty clothes in her closet, toys and books and her favorite foods.  Everything her heart desires. Put on a pedestal because of her diagnosis. Appreciated and loved for who she is and who she will become. Parents bursting at the seams with pride. A future, hope and dreams are all available for one little girl. And it shows in her smile. She knows she is loved.

The other little girl... well, it shows in her face too. Her expression shows nothing. No emotion, no excitement, no hope. Rejected because of her diagnosis. Has she given up? How much sorrow and loneliness has this little girl already experienced? Does she even dream anymore? 

Two little girls, side by side , so much alike, yet, they couldn't be more different.

Emilia is living a beautiful life and Carina is in an orphanage.If she is not adopted by the time she is four she will be transferred to an adult mental institution, where life will become hopeless and desolate. Carina is a Princess, just like Emilia and needs to be rescued. 

Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has about two weeks left. Please, if you are thinking about donating, now is the time!!! Carina needs a family and the more money she has in her account the more likely someone will be able to commit to her. Every single dollar makes a difference. Please do not think that your donation is not worth giving because it is too small! I rejoice in seeing her account go up dollar by dollar. 

Please consider donating to Carina. Most of my donations and fund raisers were collecting change. No big bills, no large sums. We just couldn't do it this year. So I really understand what it's like to not be able to make a donation. So when I say I rejoice over every dollar, I seriously mean it. The widow's mite goes a long long way in the eyes of God.


Lacey said...

So sad, why can't we just rescue them all? I'm not even sure if we adopt again, if it can be through RR. I can't leave Jax, so I don't know if Ray can do it alone. I need to look into it!

Rochelle said...

Sweet comparison. Praying sweet Carina is off that Angel tree this year forever and a family swoops in to save her!