Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's Up??? A Sharing Sunday Post

This time of year, and the hustle and bustle all about, and I guess the blog gets a little left out. 

It's Nutcracker week so that means complete and utter chaos til the curtain goes up. Olivia has got a few  and beautiful roles this year. But her rehearsals have been long, and she has been sick,she's a trooper though. But I tell you when you're sitting in that gorgeous PPAC theater, and the curtain goes up, honestly I don't think I breath for the entire show. It's all worth it. To see her on stage, doing what she loves and what she has worked so hard to achieve, just takes my breath away.

The rest of the Dumplings are all getting over being sick. They are all doing their things, driving me insane and basically just being kids. Emilia is doing well in school, and just loves it!

Our fund raiser for Carina is under way at school and my kids are reporting to me that YES, the students are bringing in change!!! It's coming in!  Eleven grades from preschool 3 through grade eight are participating.

Carina is within spitting distance of $3000.00!!! And I know that's just a drop in the bucket when you're looking at around 30,000, but it's a great start!! I wonder if her family is watching ,and thinking ,and praying.
Imagine if she gets a family this Christmas!! That would be amazing!

 Here's my little Dumpling girl, just in case you forgot what she looked like ;)

And here's a link to the Angel tree, just in case you decide to donate ;)

And look at these two girls I found on Reece's Rainbow this morning. I've never seen them before, but  this morning they just stopped me dead in my tracks. Their birthdays are the same as Andrew's Nov 22nd) and Peter's (Nov27th) Seriously?? 

So please share these girls on FB, your blogs!! They have been transferred, and I don't know when, as  I've never seen them before. I can only say God wanted to get my attention about them, and if it weren't for the birthdays I can't say that I would be posting about them right now. I'm so wrapped up in Carina and the Angel Tree, I probably wouldn't have stopped to look. I really don't know how I found them. 

  This is a Sharing Sunday Post.


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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

wow coincidences everywhere! God's up to something! and wow yougo girl with carina's fund...utterly awesome!enjoy the theatre xxxx

Rochelle said...

Hey $3K is what Dariya's warrior raised last year and it was HUGE to our family. Every single penny helps a family.
I have seen these two sisters numerous times, heartbreaking that they are institutionalized. Will share away.

Rochelle said...

oh forgot to say please post Nutcracker video! I remember last years Aidan & I sat transfixed on your beautiful ballerina.