Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Kyle

Every Tuesday I wonder what am I going to say today. How can I make this Tuesday Teamwork child stand out? What can I possibly say that I already haven't said before?  If this child's mama is reading how will I get her attention?

Today I want you to meet Kyle. I don't know much about Kyle. But what I do know is that yesterday I wrote this post about Em, and I just know that Kyle is also someones guiding light, someones rock, someones ultimate joy! 

Boy, born November 2006
Eyes: Blue
Hair: brown

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Kyle is facing the institution.   He has striking blue eyes and bright blonde hair!  Kyle is medically healthy outside of his flat feet and strabismus.   Please give Kyle a chance to grow up in a loving family of his own!

$3903.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
Please pray for Kyle.Could he be your light??? Your son?? Your constant joy????


Mary Bennett said...

I posted a link to Kyle and Quinton on my Face Book page. Woulld you like to exchange blog links?

FranceGirl said...

Does he need a home? Is that it? Where is he at the moment? thank you