Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Wishes and Princess Dreams, and Something more...

Once upon a time there was a princess named Brigita. And she lived in a  kingdom far far away. The only problem was they didn't believe she was a Princess. And even her own parents doubted her. They doubted her to the point of giving her away. 

People around her were kind at times but Princess Brigita knew in her heart that these people were not her family. She was not where she belonged. Even though she was just a child , she knew this was not her Happily Ever After,

Brigita grew through the years. She learned how to get by. She learned the ways of these people who were not family, but seemed to try to take care of her. And she has survived.   One thing that no one could take from her , was her spirit! Her Hope! And that's why after years of waiting , she can still smile! 

Meanwhile, in another kingdom on the other side of the world, there was a mother named Dee. She longed for a daughter.  She wanted a little girl to be her princess. A child to hold and love and snuggle with. A child to fill her heart with love.

Well, one day Dee found Brigita and promised to bring her home to her kingdom. Dee has been working very hard for months and months to bring Princess Brigita home!But it costs so much money! No one can possibly do it alone. 

I happen to know that today is Dee's birthday and I also know that her kingdom is full of loving people. I'd really like to help Dee celebrate her birthday today.I also know that the only thing Dee wants for her birthday is Brigita. I wish I could wrap her up and give her to Dee today, but that is impossible!

But what we all could do is bring Brigita a little bit closer to home.  Dee has been hoping and praying that her FSP would move for her birthday. 

I really think we can grant that wish today. ...

And just for fun, I'm throwing in some incentives!

Look at the treasures I found and want to share with whoever donates anything to Miss Brigita today in honor of her mama's birthday. I will use Random. org to pick three people who will each receive  a frame of their choice! 

#1. This is a beautiful Burns of Boston frame/ photo album.Fits a 4x6 photo and holds 60 photos inside. 

#2. Just in time for Fathers day!  Burns of Boston frame.Holds a 6x4 photo


 #3. And for the Graduate!  Burns of Boston frame.Also holds a 6x4 photo.

Just leave me a comment telling me you donated and which frame you would like to enter for . I do not need to know the amount. You can choose whichever frame you want. And no worries if you all want the same one, I can do that too!

Donate to Brigita here!!! And please wish Dee a very happy and hopeful birthday!!!!! She wants her Princess home so badly! And princess Brigita has been waiting year after year for her mama and her Happily Ever After!  






my family said...

been missing your daliy posts ...your giveaway did well:) praying God is working in her mama's heart

Brigita still has such a beautiful light you can see through that smile. I am looking forward to seeing how much she changes once she is home with a loving family

have a wonderful sunday my friend

Dee Etheridge said...

It was such a wonderful surprise to see the post! So sweet! I love telling stories to children. This will be the story of me and Brigita. I can't wait to share it with her. Thank you!