Monday, May 14, 2012

She makes Things Look So Easy

When 's the last time you smiled like that?

Or laughed so hard you got the hiccups?

Delighted in making silly faces?

Shown off bright blue nails?

When was the last time you were just content?

Content with being who you are and where you are? Content with dealing with what your life brings and doesn't bring?  Content to love those around you , not because you have to , but because you want to.

Content to accept your life. The ups the downs and the all arounds. 

I can't honestly answer these questions. Because lately I've been asking a lot of "whys?" and "when?" and "how much longer"?

I have so much to learn from my Littlest Love!! 
I have a feeling that she is the one we should all get behind and follow. Especially on those tough days. She just lights the way so we don't get totally lost!

Everyday I have  with her, I can see more and more clearly why God chose to bring her in to our lives. She didn't need us...we needed her.  For our basic survival! She has been the one to keep us together, to make us pick ourselves up over and over again. Because of her we are surviving what life throws at us. This tiny but mighty little one is our rock!


Rochelle said...

She is adorable! If only we all were so content!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Who could have ever imagined the abundant gifts that these children came bearing, with that magical chromosome.

They lead, we follow and between their ability to love unconditionally and live without abandon, we will all find our way. God has made sure of that.

my family said...

well said, love the many faces of Em

Lacey said...

One thing I wish people would remember when they pity our children. Not only are they beautiful, they just let things be. There is no, who is prettier, just living. We could all use a little lesson in that department!

Scrappy quilter said...

Love that kid...she is priceless. Sent you an e-mail. Hugs and love

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

this is just so beautiful!!! please come and link it into the inside out linky on's perfect xxx