Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes! Emmie Still Lives Here!!

Wow anyone remember her? I know it's been quite some time since it was all about Em. I'm seriously considering starting another blog just for the orphans and keeping  this one all about Em. Any thoughts on that?

Well here's what Miss Em and Co. have been up to!
I haven't even posted Easter pictures yet!  I guess it's never to late to show a cute kid in a gorgeous dress! (The dress was Miss Anna Banana's)

Bella finally got her "requested" surprise birthday party. She was shocked!! And it was awesome!

Emilia wore a lovely two piece bathing suit,( also compliments of Anna Banana), to the surprise party to go along with her can of silly string. 

Can't forget Opening Day! That's a big one! Andrew is in AAA this year. He's a little on edge , but he's doing extremely well!  Last year, in AA, he took a really hard hit in the back from a pitch, and for the rest of the season he wouldn't bat. Yes, the kid benched himself. When he made it into AAA this year the first thing he asked was " do the kids pitch" We thought there was no hope! But he's batting!!  We are so proud of him!

A really big day for my Little Man! He made his First Holy Communion! And we all decided that he cleans up reeeeeeal nice!  We never saw him look so stinkin handsome!

And then there were moments like this one. Just think how my heart stopped when I drove into my driveway and this is what greeted me.

  My next thought was , "Where is her father"!!! But that question was quickly answered when he met me at the front door with the camera!! Seriously?

 Just to ease your minds the window she is in doesn't open. Just the small side one do. But she is standing on the window sill. Seems she wasn't content to just stand on the chair to look out the window.  She can see so much more standing up higher! She has no fear!!!
And in her father's defense, she is sneaky,and quick, much quicker than him. He had no shot of catching this little lightning bug! But once he heard her triumphant cackles he was right there behind her! Except for the moment her left her to bring me the camera! lol


Lori said...

Love her! And so glad you are able to use the clothes... Em wears them with style =)

Mom Of Many said...

I am laying in bed reading and grinning from ear to ear...she's missing her mama and can't wait till she gets home! Who can blame her? Seriously love the you and love your family...xo

Rochelle said...

Adorable pics, oh my the one of Andrew at communion melts my heart, so sweet! So proud of Peter he is turning into a bloggy dad yet, always grab the camera first.! LOL

Becca said...

Hehehe - great to see the update on your kids! Love little Miss Em - she's quite the daredevil... :-)

Scrappy quilter said...

What wonderful pictures. Miss you dearly. Hugs and love