Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21: Not Everyday is a great Day! And That's OK!!

Some days are picture perfect, ya know? Those days where everything goes smoothly, or those days that are so much fun you just don't want them to end.

But not every day is like that.

Not every day with Down syndrome is like that.

And for me, today is one of those days that I'm not really getting that  warm and fuzzy feeling about.

As lucky as I am that Em was born without any health issues, sometimes I /we forget she was born with delays.

 And today those delays are kicking my butt!

Today has been exasperating and frustrating and has put both of us in our corners crying at one point.

Some days, there is no pause between one fiasco, disaster, misunderstanding, miscommunication or absolutely no communication between me and Em. Some days it's just a constant battle of, Discipline - VS - She just doesn't understand.

Do I put her in the corner or put her in my arms.

Do I walk away for a few minutes, or yell, and regret it immediately...

This post is me walking away for a few, to collect my thoughts. To get a few minutes away from the screeches, the objects flying around, like chairs and sippy cups, dishes, toys and videos and anything not nailed down.  Em's a thrower and some days are much worse than others. We've all learned to tuck and roll when she starts throwing.

This post is my time out. Because honestly we all need one once in a while!

The thing with days like these is just that.... they're days. Moments that pass. Thank God

Oooo, I'm in trouble today!!!

 That's right Em , you are in trouble today.And that's OK!!!
Tomorrow is another day :)


Michelle said...

Oh, dear, do I feel you. ((HUGS))

Scrappy quilter said...

She is so like other kids, isn't she. They have days that aren't great either and they have days where they are in nothing but trouble. Heck, us adults even get ourselves in trouble too. I can feel for both of you. (I promise an e-mail either today or tomorrow. Lots going on here.) Love ya