Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 for 21: Potty Training

Two of my least favorite words are "potty training"! Why? Well, for starters I just really don't like doing it.  It was okay when my first, Olivia, came along.  I mean everything is new and fun with your first. And then Sophia came along and , at least I knew what I was doing.  By the time Bella was born potty training was getting a little old. I guess I turned into a procrastinator because one day I just found her on the big girl toilet. Guess she was tired of waiting so she trained herself... what a good girl!! Then came the boy!!! Good Lord, I think he was trained the day before he started preschool!  Talk about calling it close!

Then came Miss Em and well, what can I say! This child gives a whole new meaning to the word frustrated!

We have the potty books, the potty video, the sign for potty, the potty chair, and the potty dance. We just have no potty!!!

Oh, we have potty, potty on the kitchen floor, the living room carpet, we have potty beside the potty chair, and we occasionally have some poop too... :(

Miss Em can sit on the potty until it's part of her cute bottom, and nothing. She sits on the potty before her bubble and it never fails , as soon as her big toe hits the water she pees! "sigh"

I, on the other hand have completed Miss Em's potty training course with flying colors! She comes to the potty with me and signs potty and we wave goodbye to it. And I can tell she is so proud of my accomplishment. We wash hands and she leads to the way to our next adventure.

I know it will all come when she is ready. Just like her words!!! Which by the way are COMING, beautifully!

And I know she won't be wearing diapers when she twenty. But you know what. If she is, she is. It will be an honor to care for her in which ever way she needs it, for all the days of my life!

Here she is passing on her potty wisdom to someone who obviously needs help!

Oh Miss Em we love more than words can say!!!!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

she's got the dolly sussed as well as you! love her! 'and if she is she is!' wise words from my dear friend xxx

Rochelle said...

Oh come on, we love potty training! LOL! She will be in panties in no time. D had her first dry day at preschool today! WOOT WOOT!

Becca said...

Yep, in her own time... *sigh* Just know you're not alone!! So many other frustrated parents out there doing the same song and dance (literally!). One day she'll just *get* it, and there'll be no looking back!

Michelle said...

You are so funny. Lillian is almost six and still a LONG way off. I think it bothered me more what other people thought but when she's ready, if she's ever ready, I will be too.

Melissa said...

Claire is my first and I'm still not excited about potty training! She *can* do it, and do great, she just doesn't want to...If I put her on and she has to go, she'll go no problem. She's got the routine down too. But she doesn't ask, and I just haven't been motivated enough to time train her. I know I should though....