Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Not A Penguin Or A Polar Bear But I'm Taking The Plunge

It could possibly be that the stress of my life has finally gotten to me or that I'm so completely in love with Carina that I would throw myself into the Atlantic Ocean for her. 

As you know the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is in full swing and it leads warriors to do whatever it takes to get to that $1000.00 goal.  I've got a few things up my sleeve but I am still worried that I won't make it. And I cannot and will not let Carina down. We all know that money, unfortunately is the mountain that blocks many people from committing to a child. 

So I'm hoping that morbid curiosity will get the best of you and Carina will get some early donations. (hint hint)

Yes, you're right, pride has taken a back seat. I am willing to darn a bathing suit during the miserable cold months of a New England winter, jump into the ocean, film it and then let you all enjoy the show.All for Carina! I love that girl like I love Emmie and she will get her $1000.00 this year!

So, I'm really hoping that goal is met this month because December at the beach could really (excuse my language) suck!

So please "like" my facebook page,   

 And please share my insane endeavors with everyone!!!!!!!

The faster I get to that goal the faster that video will be posted!!!!

And will I be plunging alone??? Hmmm I know Bella would be up for it. She's my little dare devil. And I've got a couple of friends I'm pretty sure I need to take along... Jim Bean and Johnnie Walker... j/k ;)


my family said...

precious C has to find a mommy soon I will share where i can my sweet friend

The VW's said...

You are crazy!!!.....and I LOVE it! You are also one fantastic lady, with a huge heart! I can't wait to see the numbers rise for Carina! Hugs!

Rochelle said...

LOVE YOU and your crazy self. Carina is getting a mommy this year!