Thursday, November 1, 2012

Angel Tree 2012, Miss Carina

I'm sitting here, quite terrified at what I've gotten myself into. Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree has begun!  Once again the children are being represented by warriors determined to raise at least $1000.00 for each, between today and New years Eve. The children are all orphans, all with special needs, most with Down syndrome like Carina, all in Eastern Europe. The exposure means many will find families this year and obviously the money makes it possible for families to adopt. The expense is overwhelming costing well over 25,000 to bring a child home.

"My" girl Carina is still waiting. She is once again on the Angel Tree and I am once again going to try to raise another $1000.00 for her account.

 And I am once again going to ask for your help. I love this child like she was mine. I've memorized every inch of her face and even though there is no smile, I've seen it in my dreams and it is breath taking.

She has my heart like no other.

She is four and a half years old now, and the thought of her being transferred to an institution literally makes me shake. For all I know she may be there already.

Her beauty, even in her sadness is simply angelic.

With your help  $5100.00 has been raised for her this past year. Actually, I'm finding out, this Dumpling has many warriors who love her and pray for her. This year her account needs to read at least $6100.00. It sounds like a lot of money but it's just a drop in the bucket of the amount needed to bring her home. So many children are still waiting and the reason  over and over and over again is money!!!

Please help me again this year!

Any donation of $35.00 or more will  receive a beautiful ornament from Reece's Rainbow with Carina on it.
But ANY donation is greatly appreciated! Nothing is too small. No effort goes unnoticed.

 Carina is worth it! 
Her life matters and she is a treasure! She should be dressed like a Princess every day and smothered in hugs and kisses. She should sleep with soft pillows and pink blankets. Her hair should smell like strawberries and be brushed until it's smooth and silky. And every day when she wakes,  her mama should be right there to pick her up.

Please help me to make this a reality for Carina. Little by little we can get her there. Every dollar counts , every penny counts!

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Farm School Marm said...

What a little sweetie!!!