Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quite Speechless About Kalinovka

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends asked a simple favor of me. Actually, I should say, what I thought was going to be a simple favor. She asked me to share her new blog. Not a complicated task. I am familiar with the subject and thought I'd be able to do it justice, even with my limited writing abilities.

So this morning I sat down to write. First step, visit the new blog, read her post.

I visited , I read, and now I sit with my stomach in knots, and tears streaming down my face, and feeling like a drop of water in a vast and endless ocean.

The blog author and dear friend is Jane George, The subject Kalinovka and it's forgotten yet gifted inhabitants,

I'm quite lost at the moment and don't know how to write or capture the thoughts that are crisscrossing and zigzagging around in my mind. Maybe a brief explanation of Kalinovka and Jane. 

Last year, or rather earlier this year Jane went to Kalinovka. She went to Orphanage 50 and loved on the children there. She saw with her own eyes what we only see in pictures, her ears heard the sounds we can only imagine and she inhaled the scents we don't even want to imagine. 

But amid all the sadness and loneliness something else is happening in Kalinovka. There is a hope!

The Happy Child Foundation is building new homes for the children. Getting them out of the deplorable institutions that they are trying to survive in and putting them into clean warm and safe buildings. 

The children, the lost and forgotten children. 

But what of the children who have grown? The adults who are no longer children, who are not eligible for adoption, but who still  need love, and hope and respect and dignity? What happens when the child grows up...

This is as far as I can go,  I cannot do it the justice it deserves.

 For the rest of the story you must visit Jane's new blog.  Read her story first hand, look at the photos and look into the eyes of the people of Kalinovka!
Make the time for this one. There is hope in this story. There are miracles and beauty here too.  Support Jane, and her amazing efforts to bring light and hope into this desolate and dark place. Follow her blog , leave a comment and push her to keep up the selfless work she is doing for these beautiful people!


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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh blumin heck you got me right back!!!!! now i am crying..what can i say...see i am speechless with gratitude xxxx