Wednesday, April 3, 2013

URGENT: Home Sweet Home Giveaway For"'Brigita"

The smiling Cheshire Cat, as she was dubbed by her warrior Helle, has come home.

She is being loved and cared for and cuddled and she laughs and giggles and plays to her hearts content!

But the story isn't over yet. Dee is still trying to raise money to be fully funded. Meanwhile they both have to fly back to Latvia for their third and final trip. Just like any other adoption, except Miss D is already home.

Dee and Darya leave in just a few days!!! And are in the need of  $2700.00!!! 

With the help of generous friends I've put together a giveaway, which should go down as the easiest , giveaway with the fewest rules. 

Donate here to Dee's paypal account. Whatever amount you donate that is the amount of entries you have.Send me the receipt  Pick what you would like and put your entries on it.  And you're done! You can even divide your entries up between different items. 
 To pick your item just leave a comment, and the item number with the amount of entries you want with it. 
Example: you donated $10, that gives you 10 entries. You could leave me a comment like, 10 entries on #4

Or, 5 entries on #4 and   5 on #6

Sharing and reposting always get you an entry too!

 As I've said before , TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!!  They are leaving in a few days and are short $2700.00.  Giveaway ends on April 10th!!! they are trying to fly by April 13th!!!!!

#1: Thirtyone Wristlet key fob

#2: Girls tights bought in Latvia. They are about girls 5-6. They have not been used. They were $10.

#3: Very gently used Gymboree vest with hood. Super cute. 4T

#4: Coach! Black wristlet. Very gently used by Dee only :)

#5: Handmade in Latvia! Dee had bought these for Darya but they are way too big. They are red & creme with a bit of gray. Child size mittens. Probably 5-8yo

#6: Very gently used. Size 4T. The shirt is a long sleeve onesie.d caption

#7: Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Father Michael Gaitley, a Do-it-yourself retreat, donated by Lauren Masri

#8: The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich - the book The Passion of the Christ was based on, Donated by Lauren Masri

#9: Newborn (6-12lbs) Sleepsack Swaddle, 2 in 1 wearable blanket, donated by Lauren Masri

#10: Wine charms. Always know which glass is yours! Donated by Malin Hedger

#12:  Adorable!!Shopping bag in heavy cotton canvas. Light blue with flowers in red and green.Donated by Malin Hedger

#13: New Willow Tree Figurine, donated by Kelly Handl

#14: New Willow Tree Figurine, donated by Kelly Handl

#15: Magic Attic Doll with wardrobe! She has been loved but is in great condition and comes with several outfits! She is a little smaller than an American Girl Doll and has a jointed molded body instead of a stuffed one.Donated by Kelly handl

#16: New Willow Tree Figurine, donated by Kelly Handl

#17: Pashmina shawl in warm pink shades. 70%Pashmina and 30%Silk, Donated by Malin Hedger

#18: New Willow Tree Figurine, donated by Kelly Handl

#19: Hot water bottle cover. Handmade and donated by Malin Hedger. This may be one of my favorites!!!!!! Emmie's crib is so cold at night i usually keep her in bed with me until she falls asleep. This would have solved all the cold crib issues! Just adorable too!!

#20: One decade rosary. Beautiful green/blue stone. This fits snug around my first 3 fingers. Just to give you an idea of the size.

#21: One decade rosary from Poland. Bought in Zacopane by me. This is very small and dainty. I use them when I'm walking they fit snug around your first two fingers.

#22: Baby Gap dress with matching panties. Size 3-6 months. Gently worn once by Em.

#23: Marissa- Louise 3 piece set. Includes hat and bloomers. Em wore this once and then grew out of it :( Size 24months

#24: Silpada necklace, Cubic Zirconia, Sterling Silver.adjusts , 18- 20 inches Matching set with earrings, winner gets BOTH! Generously donated by Tanya Robinson. A $100.00 value! Bigger photo here

#24: Gorgeous! Silpada Earings!Cubic Zirconia, Sterling Silver.Matching set with necklace, winner gets BOTH! Generously donated by Tanya Robinson A $100.00 Value! Bigger photo here

#25: set of 2 Blessed by Adoption" car decals. Measure approx. 7 inches in diameter and text is white. Donated by Brenda Lamay

#26: Beautiful handmade rosary. Our Lady of Fatima. Graciously donated by Becky Arganbright.

#27: Bright and fun butterfly scarf.
#28: Perfectly spring ruffle scarf !60inches long


Agny said...

nice!! :)))

Becky said...

I shared on my blog, Roses for Mary. ;-)

Stephanie said...

10 entries on #25 for Rachel W

Anonymous said...

I have a little sister who has Down Syndrome and let me tell you all of the love you are giving her will pay off. I fully believe it is the love that will help her thrive.
I hope you reach your goal. You are a wonderful person.