Saturday, October 11, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness, Day 11: Sometimes The Facts Are Not Enough

I thought about posting some facts about Down syndrome , but you can google them in a second and have them all sorted out on the computer screen for you.

Facts and stats about health issues and life expectancy, delays and characteristics. 

But you may have a hard time finding some other facts. Facts that aren't as widely known as the medical facts and all that other stuff that scares the crap out of people. I don't think it's fair that when you are expecting a  child with Ds that you instantly feel fear and if you don't people think you are crazy. I was beyond scared for the last five months of my pregnancy. It was all unnecessary. I wish I had known some fun facts then. 

Not all the facts are scary. 

 Down syndrome Fun Facts :

1. You are having a baby! Surprise! It's still a beautiful baby you are carrying!!!! 

2. This baby will cry, and keep you up at night!!! YAY!

3. This little one will grab your heart so tight you will physically feel it in your chest!  

4. You will laugh like you have never laughed before. 

5. You are about to become a better person. You won't even know it's happening.

6. Your strength now rivals Wonder Woman's, in fact you could easily kick her ass (if you had too) 

7. You will find yourself uttering one liners that have never been  heard  by other human beings before, such as.. "Emmie do not kiss the gerbils butt!"

8. Nothing will ever phase you again. No longer will you gasp at children who are ill behaved in public. You now walk by smugly, knowing your kid could top that kids tantrum with one leg tied behind her back .

9.  Popsicle's will be an acceptable food for breakfast because you know you will NEVER leave the house if she doesn't get one!

10. A piece of heaven has been offered to you. Take it! Love and enjoy this gift every day of your life!! Not everyone is given a gift this precious. This child will open your eyes , and show you things hidden from the rest of the word. I kid you not!!!!

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