Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Day 4,5,6 and 7: Tony, Tony Tony!!!

Holy Cow! What a week! So busy! Not a spare second to sit and write! I've got a minute now so I will catch up. 

How about a story about Em and her new school?

She is in all day Kindergarten. Fully included. 

She is ruling the roost and having a freaking ball. She is testing the waters of a new school, new kids and new teachers. She is not using her best behavior like in her old school. They are practicing "nice hands" with her. Apparently she is taking swings at her new little classmates and her teachers..

And knowing Em she's doing with a giggle and a twinkle in her eye. 

When she's not hitting , she can be found throwing things and running like the wind around the classroom. 

With my blessing she now has a designated "time out " spot. 

Gotta love her!!

She also has a special friend named Tony.

You know the saying opposites attract? Well, apparently free spirits can become bosom buddies also. 

She calls his name constantly and if you ask her if she likes Tony, she literally gushes and gets all silly.

She is smitten!!!! 

She has to sit near him in school and they are using him to motivate her to be good! HA! 

Yesterday her teachers were very concerned because Em would not eat. Not at snack , not at lunch and not at the second snack time. She wouldn't play outside and she was very clingy. She also wanted to sit with the weighted blanket and just tap her fingers on it. Poor Em they thought, she must be getting sick.


Could this have something to do with the fact that Tony left school early?????

Yeah, she was sick alright! LOVE SICK!

Ate like a horse when she got home and played all night. And of course talked about TONY!

Her first crush! 

As I type this she is looking through her school papers , talking up a storm. And of course the only words I can understand are Ooooh, Tony! 

Well, at least we have mastered the "T" sound !


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Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, SO cute! 'T' for Tony, I love it!