Thursday, October 2, 2014

Down syndrome Awareness Month Day 2 : Our Hearts Are Full

A diagnosis of Down syndrome may initially cause you to spin wildly out of control. But when the dust settles remember these words


It's all good except if you're a gerbil and travel in a ball. Then you might have a problem

Throw the fears out the door and lock that sucker up tight. 

Your life is going to get better, your heart,bigger, your voice, louder.

There will be days when you are frazzled, exhausted and need to give yourself a time out. ( kinda sounds like a day in the life of a mom , doesn't it?)

But !

EVERYDAY will be a blessing.

EVERYDAY will leave you with a full heart.


EVERYDAY will have you wondering what you did without this Dumpling, who just turned your upside down world into absolute perfection!


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Scrappy quilter said...

I'm glad you said there are days you will be frazzled. I totally agree. I would never change the fact that we have a son with Down Syndrome however there were days I did want to run away.