Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mack,Kack, Lack,Jack and Andrew

My "baby" boy
Andrew, 3rd from left

snuggle time

Mama Bella with her ducklings

Time for a little swim

Today my little boy, Andrew graduated from Pre-School.It was a beautiful celebration with songs and a video of pictures taken throughout the year... that's only there to make the moms cry. The kids looked so cute in the hats and t-shirts. That was a surprise, the parents had no idea. I treasure these moments, I love this age, everything is a big deal. I love to see his face light up over the simplest things. I love you Dewy.
Well it's on to Kindergarten in the fall. All day Kindergarten. What will Emilia and I do with ourselves all day? Shopping, a little lunch, a walk in the park? The possibilities are endless with 6 uninterrupted hours.
And... yes those are ducklings and yes they were swimming in my tub. It was the only place I could think of to put them while we were cleaning out their box.
Where, you may be thinking did we get 4 cute ducklings. Well, Isabella happens to have the best teacher in the world and after the kids read the book and took home the book bag, Make Way for Ducklings, what else was there to do but hatch some real ducklings. So along came Mack, Lack, Kack, and Jack. Somehow Bella did some quick talking and before I knew it I had agreed to take them overnight. So far so good...as long as no one lets the cat in. YIKES!


Michelle said...

Congrats to Andrew!! Sounds like there are a lot of 'acks' to deal with! :) Good luck with that one! They are very cute though! Oh that Emmie is a cute one.:)

Emily said...

Congratulations little graduate! You are going to have your hands full with some little duckies it looks like!

scrappy quilter said...

Congrats to your sweet little graduate. He is so cute. Those duckies are so neat. Sounds like you're going to have an interesting night.

Denise said...

Congrats Andrew!!! Don't worry Stephanie....you will fill up those 6 hours before you know it. Ella and I have had to adjust to sharing our time with the big sisters now that school is out. We so enjoyed our "quiet" time together during the school year.

Heather said...

Joe heads to kindergarten too!.Due to budget cuts we will now be all day instead of 3.5 hours.Not the best for a child with severe ADHD though.Poor teacher!Zoey and I will have together time and with her flying free,I am so looking forward to it.Love the duckies and aren't you just the best mom ever???

Denise said...

Me again....just wondering if you follow little Lindsey at
Little Lindsey is an absolute doll and was also born in October 2008. I just thought that Lindsey and Emmie could be friends. I think she may even be on your half of the U.S.....but sorry not on the East Coast.