Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This and that

The lovely,but forgetful ballerina, Olivia

After the show
Bella, did a great job

This is what I get from Miss Emmie when it's time to eat.

That's pretty cool

The girls did a great job and had a lot of fun at their show. All their hard work paid off. It was beautiful to watch.I still didn't get a picture of Sophia in her costume. She has a show tonight so I will get one there, (different studio).

Emmie had her first speech therapy appointment. She's not eating and we want to know what's up. Well, nothing major. They watched her eat and came to the conclusion that she is accepting the food and wants to eat but can't manage her tongue very well. Her tongue is pushing everything out. We have some funky exercises to do before she eats, to get her mouth muscles stimulated, we'll see how it goes. I'm sure this sounds familiar to most of you.


Rebecca said...

Even if she can't eat well, she sure looks like quite the little personality trying!!

Lacey said...

Look at those beautiful ballarinas. So cute.

Emily said...

How funny... I have a "this and that" type of post today! Sometimes that's just what it is! Gorgeous dancers and a very talented eater! Justin still struggles with food a little. He's slowly getting better.

Michelle said...

YOu have such beautiful girls and Emmilia, such a cutie pie~!! I love the look on her face!!

ABandCsMom said...

She'll get there with the eating.
I love her poses. She's so stinking cute!

Denise said...

Ella.....not eating a thing at 14 months old. Working on getting OT started but you know how everything is such a process. The child can't live on formula forever!! I am sure miss Emmie will catch on right away!!

Ruby's Mom said...

You have some beautiful ballerinas:) I get so tickled at how limber our little ones are!

scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful, beautiful girls...all of them. Those excersises do help.