Thursday, June 11, 2009


Bella had her first grade celebration today.It was called Joy of Poetry and Music. They sang songs and Bella recited a poem about butterflies. Sweet and simple, it won't always be like this... sweet and simple. I try to remind myself to slow down and enjoy, before it's all over. Sometimes I feel like a trained monkey could run through my days. Run the kids here and there, errands, pick ups and drop offs. Then the rush for supper, homework and bedtime. This was a long year for me, lots of extra stress with no end in sight, but that's another post. Anyway, this summer I am really going to try to keep it sweet and simple, to enjoy my beauties and celebrate their youth and innocence. I am going to try not to have any rushed days this summer. Last summer had the dark cloud of my pregnancy hanging over us, more me than us, but we were all affected , we were all worried about Emmie. It seems like every good time was tainted with that looming cloud in the background. This summer brings worries with it also, but I have finally come to realize, life or at least mine, will never be worry free, who's is, really. If I wait for no worries,life will certainly pass me by. I have to learn to be able to be happy even if everything is not in it's to speak. So wish me luck as I attempt to enjoy the blessings in my life and not overlook the sweet and simple things, to relax and smile a little more....a lot more.

Sophia in half her costume... I tried.


Emily said...

Very beautifully said! I need to learn to stop and smell the roses. I am constantly on the go. Life does pass much too quickly. Especially once we have kids! Enjoy your summer!

Michelle said...

Oh, Stephanie, I will pray for your sweet and simple and SLOW moving summer days!!!

Lacey said...

We did our kindergarten graduation today. too cute.

Rebecca said...

They just grow too quickly not to savor some sweet summer moments. I keep telling myself: The dishes will be there tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy some slooooow, lazy days :>)

Chris said...

I love this post. I too am looking forward to slowing down this summer. I have also come to realize that my life will never be worry free. True, no life is without worries, but since John was born, my worries are so much more serious. I miss when life really was simpler. Didn't appreciate it enough then so I try really hard to appreciate it now.

scrappy quilter said...

Slowing down became a part of my life a number of years ago when I had burnout. I loved the simplicity of it. Now we are faced with 2 sons leaving home to go into independant living. My days have become rushed, anxious and a whole lot of travelling. I need to remind myself constantly to be thankful for the small things. It helps keep me grounded.

I read a book once, Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff. In it Richard Carlson said, 90% of what we worry about doesn't happen, the other 10% takes care of itself. Even having 3 special needs kids I found that to be pretty much true. Worrying doesn't help....I learnt pray does.

I'll be praying you find time to have a very special summer with your wonderful family. Hugs..