Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Call!!

Still one missing!

I'm almost ready to send out cards. Well they are sitting on my kitchen counter. That's pretty good for me. Anyway, if you haven't sent me your address and would like to receive a card from this crazy family, please send it to me. Here is my e-mail ,

Andrew's party is tomorrow, I will post pictures of it, tomorrow night... hopefully.
Here is a preview,


my family said...

april narretto
po box 788
abita spring,la
Send me yours and I will send you a card

Emily said...

Can't wait to see the party pictures! Sounds like it will be a blast!

LizBeth said...

A pajama party! You have more guts than I. Fortunately, we don't have to do those things when we're retired! LOL


Ruby's Mom said...

Great picture of your kids!
Ruby has that same little dress that Em has on :)
Hope the party goes well!

Tina said...

Good luck with the party, house full of little boys, well well that'll be fun. Can't wait to see your final Christmas picture, hope you'll post it on your blog, and hope you're going to on it as well??? The one you have up now is a really sweet one of the kids but like you said, it's still not quite complete!!

Heather said...

Cannot wait for the update on the party ... perfect,perfect idea!!