Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rejoice! Jubilee is coming Home!

Here is some good news!!!! Some of you may remember back in August I sent out a prayer request for a very special family. They were adopting a little girl . Things were not going very smoothly, and they had just received word that the country they were adopting from had basically called it off! You can read about it here.
I remember a comment from that post that suggested they just continue on like they never got that news. Just file all the remaining paperwork. Well that's just what they did and the other day they got the call they have been waiting over 600 days for! Jubilee Promise is coming home!!!!!!

This is a miracle for sure and a sweet Christmas miracle at that. You have just got to jump over to A place called Simplicity and meet this wonderful family. I am just beyond happy for these guys! They never gave up , not for one minute. They just knew that Jubilee was their little girl.


scrappy quilter said...

This is INDEED a miracle. I'm so excited for them and can't wait until she is home. Hugs..

scrappy quilter said...

I still can't send you an e-mail. It was returned to me again this morning. hugs..

Kristen's mom said...

what an amazing family! There are so many good people in the world.

Kele said...

What an amazing and beautiful family, so tickled you shared their good news with us!