Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Tradition

Emilia, all ready to eat

This was an absolute first for my
family. We went out to eat on Christmas Eve. Never in the history of my family have we ever strayed from the traditional Italian Christmas Eve Dinner. But this year my mom was just not up to it. She suggested we go out for Lunch. LUNCH! No Way Mom!!! ( the reason we have to go out for lunch is , because we go to church at 5:00pm,and then we go to a friends Christmas Eve party) But the more I thought about it I started to think , this wasn't such a bad idea.
I called one of my favorite restaurants, Mediterraneo and made a reservation. Well we were seated upstairs in this gorgeous room which we had ALL TO OURSELVES!!!!!! We had our own server, it was wonderful!!! Downstairs was noisy and crowded. But we were in Heaven! I guess if you make reservations and mention that you are bringing Five children with you it works in your favor!

A family picture
Lovely Sophia
My girls making themselves comfortable



Lacey said...

Hey I'm all for going out and not cooking!!

Kristen's mom said...

That's a tradition I would love to start. I love that your girls are all dressed up. There really isn't a day quite like Christmas Eve.

scrappy quilter said...

Ialways love the start of a new tradition. What a wonderful new one. Your family is just so special. I love that your girls are all dressed up too. Hugs and love

Lori said...

No cooking or dishes = happy me! I am all for such a tradition! =)

Love your girls' dresses! And Emilia has the best smile which you always manage to capture on wonder your blog is titled 'daily smiles' =)

Kele said...

I am thinkin I like that tradition, seriously, perhaps we might try it next year... when it is my turn to host, lol!
Tickled you had a lovely Christmas eve, you and your family all look beautiful!

my family said...

fun, that sounds like a great new tradition

Tina said...

We did that a couple of Christmases ago, and yes it certainly felt alot more relaxed, no chaos, no bother, and we could actually enjoy each other's company, so hey it's not such a bad tradition when you think of it. I love how all the girls are so beautifully dressed up including Emmie with her big napkin, thats a lovely picture, btw what did she eat, the same as you guys? I now she's doing well with her eating, but didn't realise that well!!!

Heather said...

As long as you are all together,who cares where you are.And this,this looks like a good time to me!Your own private party.Everyone looks happy and beautiful and that is all that counts.

To Love Endlessly said...

what a great idea and a lot easier clean up too!