Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Dinner, A.I Style

OK, last night was Bella's birthday. We always have family dinner on birthday's, no matter what! Dinner is the choice of the birthday child. Bella was kind enough to pick something quick and easy, spaghetti , corn and quahogs. Not like some children who ask for Thanksgiving dinner. hehe!! Heather you're the best, and you don't even eat it!!! Any hoot!
The problem, um, American Idol was on at the same time that our rather late dinner was being served.

The solution, move the dining room into the living room. Problem solved. Family together and everyone is happy.

BTW, we live in a raised ranch so we just had to slide the table over a few feet to the living room. It was different and fun.

Gotta go ... They're in Texas tonight!!

BTW, has anyone seen the commercial where two moms are talking at a child's birthday party. They're talking about how the mom bought everything for the party at Wal - mart.
Then a clown appears to entertain the kids, but he steps on the horn of a unicorn toy and just stands there screaming in pain. He scares the poop out of the kids, and they all run away.

Oh my gosh it's the funniest stinkin' commercial I've ever seen. laugh til my sides hurt every time it comes on.
(it was just on, that's why I'm asking)


Denise said...

Happy Birthday Bella and I am glad you guys had such a wonderful dinner. What are quahogs??? Never heard of that. And YES..I just saw that commercial today and thought it was hilarious!! Hope you guys are well!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Looks like you guys had a great celebration:) An American Idol birthday party...........doesn't get any better than that (and it was the real deal)! lol Such a good idea!

scrappy quilter said...

What a great way to celebrate a birthday meal and watch American Idol as well. We don't have tv so haven't seen the commercial. Hugs

Lacey said...

Never seen that commercial, will have to watch for it. I'm all about eating in front of the TV sometimes!

Lori said...

Of course you couldn't miss the AI show that had Joe Jonas as the guest judge! -- Sounds like the perfect solution!
Happy Birthday, Bella.
BTW - what are quahogs?

sara p said...

happy birthday Bella!!! that looks like a good cake!!! yummm...

Emily said...

Glad everyone was able to enjoy a yummy dinner while watching some AI! I've never seen the commercial... now I'm dying to see it! Happy Birthday Bella!