Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thankful Sunday! a Little Late

this is the face mommy was making all day.

Well I'll tell ya. I had no intentions of posting a Thankful Anything today. It was just one of those days. You all know those days. The days when your children are behaving like they all carry pitchforks in their back pockets, and if they spit it will sizzle. Oh guys this day was a whopper!!!! So needless to say every hour that went by and the louder my voice raised the further away this post became.

Finally a moment of silence fell upon my home. I guess the "children" were having a meeting... how to make mommy loose it again. Whatever, I used it wisely and checked in one some of my bloggy friends. I popped over to see Kele and low and behold I see my name in print.
Kele has decided to start her own Thankful Sunday posts, and part of her inspiration came from reading mine!

OH, shame on me!!!! Here I am refusing to find something to be thankful for just because the kids tried to kill me today. I'm still alive and last I counted there are still five of them. So,there's something to be thankful for. They didn't succeed. lol

And Miss Bella had a very special day yesterday. She made her First Reconciliation. she will be making her First Communion in May.

This is a sorry sack. The children make them in preparation for their first reconciliation. After they confess their sins the priest turns it from the I'm sorry side to the I'm forgiven side. It is really a beautiful moment and the children love it. They really get that Jesus loves them and forgives them. Of course it's a great photo op when the priest is actually turning the sack around, that is if your camera doesn't die at that very moment.

And Sophia qualified for States!!!! She had a meet yesterday and nailed her beam routine. Scored a 9.0!Here she is taking first for her floor routine!

And the dust settled long enough for us to have cake...Devils food cake, seriously. First one I ever made from scratch. Decorated by Sophie and Bella. There was a slight discussion over that too.

Tomorrow is crazy hat day at school. Somehow we decorated some hats too.

Emilia is still a dream and does nothing wrong. Very thankful there!

And, I'm Thankful that I'm not in this alone. My lucky hubby was also a target for attack today. He's still alive too! Although I do recall him saying something about being to hell and back today. At least he made it back!

Thanks Kele! Of all weeks to start being thankful, I'm "thankful" to you that it was this week. Made me realize there is always something to be thankful for!

And please ... a prayer request. Sweet Jax is sick and could really use a few extra prayers. Most of you already know Jax and his beautiful family. If you don't, please stop by and give some prayer support. Thanks


To Love Endlessly said...

glad you posted your thankful sunday post. I enjoy reading them too, they make me think of things to be thankful for too AND your family is so much fun to smile with. :-) The picture leading this post is priceless!

Kele said...

Whew! I am tired for you, what a day! But as always, I am so glad you posted!
And Yup! Your the Steph! Your the only Steph I know, and quiet frankly, your the only one I need! Your a gem sweet friend!

Denise said...

Love the first pic...what a face. And then to close it with the spaghetti face. Again, I am so jealous to see a face full of food. I just gave Ella cheerios and she does nothing but touch her tongue with them and then throw them on the floor. Congrats to Bella and Sophia.

Rebecca said...

Phew. Glad your heart found it's way to thankfulness, even amidst the chaos. That's when we need it the most, right?

Love that last picture of Emmie! And that first one too. Her sad little face just makes me want to scoop her up!

Cammie Heflin said...

I have so been there!

LizBeth said...

So all's well that ends well????

Plenty of sauce there! ~Liz

Lacey said...

Oh that first pic is so cute! Girls are quite dramatic. Thanks for the prayers!

my family said...

WOW! congrats to your girls, the cake was quite fitting for today, I will have to remember that one lol. is never too late to be thankful, you have a lot to be thankful for, even though there are tough times my friend

Tim and Kelli said...

Great job girls!
Some days it seem all you can be thankful for is that bedtime does come even with pitchforks. Super cute pictures as always.

Tina said...

What a day....well you're still alive and even better still thankful for so much. You have a bunch of great kids! And why may I ask was Emmie making that adorable sad face on top, something not going quite her way? Well she certainly cheered up and gave us one of her "melt you heart" smiles at the end! Thanks

scrappy quilter said...

No matter what type of day we have, there is always something to be thankful for. I keep looking at Haiti and it makes me even more thankful. Glad you posted your thankful Sunday. That picture of Em is absolutely darling. And what a wonderful score 9.0. Congrats.

Hugs and love

Emily said...

Your post made me cry for many reasons... I feel like my kids are out to get me a lot of the time. It feels good to know that I'm not alone (even though I know I'm not.) My heart goes out to Jaxson. I love that boy. By golly... I need to start a thankful Sunday post too! So thankful for your blog!