Friday, January 8, 2010

Take a Listen

All Peter wanted me to do was put the pizza in the oven and in 10- 12 minutes take it out. I forgot about the take it out part.
But!!! I had a very good reason. I've mentioned this family on my blog before. Linny and DW. They have ten beautiful children and are wild about adoption. I had posted a while back about the issues they were having getting their little girl Jubilee home from China. Well she came home on Christmas Eve. I just love them. DW, the hubby is also a Pastor at River Church in Colorado. Well, his lovely wife Linny ,wrote in one of her recent posts, that they archive his sermons. Cool. So I went on over to hear if DW could speak as well as his wife could write.
The answer is in the pizza! Well worth the trip over to River Church. And always worth the trip to Linny's blog.


my family said...

you and I cook just alike :)

Michelle said...

Well done on the pizza! :) No pun intended!!! :) But, I am sure it was well worth it!

Kim said...

That's one crispy pizza! Just caught up on your blog and can't get over how big Emilia has gotten! She is growing so fast! Cute as ever too! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

scrappy quilter said...

That's the kind of thing that happens to me too when I get to reading or listening to some things on the net. I'm off to listen to some of DW's messages. What a blessing this couple has been to me. Oh that we would all have a heart for the orphans such as they do. love ya

Kele said...

It wouldn't of gone to waste if I was at your house, that is just how I like my pizza!
Thanks for the update, I do remember your speaking of this family and their little girl, so tickled she joined them over the holidays, what a blessing!