Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoom, Zoom!!!

He looks so proud

We went to the Mall yesterday because the kids pockets were smoking from holding on to their Christmas money. Peter took Andrew into the toy store and this is what he chose. Or maybe this is what Daddy was begging for... I'll never know. Anyway it's really cool and it shoots these little rockets. I'm sure the cat will be thrilled with it. Of course last night they had to try it out. I gave a a warning from behind my computer, Stay away from the stairs!!! Not five minutes later I hear the rumble, tumble of the car, not one hour old flying down the stairs! I just looked up with a smug look on my face and asked" What was that noise Andrew"? Sometimes I just gotta do it.

Well the car survived the crash and was put to bed along with it's reckless driver. But right now I've got to go because everyone is going back to SCHOOL!!!!! YIPPEE!


LizBeth said...

Sounds like he, uh -- they--, are all boy!


Lacey said...

Oh thats so boys! My boys are off track for another 3 weeks, I'm going to lose my mind by then!!

scrappy quilter said...

Well even though it's for boys I'm thinking I might have fun with a toy like that too. What a riot. Hugs

Kim Ayres said...

Just to let you know I've added your site to the Squidoo page. I have to confess I rarely visit it - it was set up back when I had more time and energy - however, it's there for anyone who stumbles across it as a way of connecting with other parents of children with DS.

Happy New Year :)

Tausha said...

My kids cashola was burning a hole in their pockets as well. Tomorrow is the happy day for me as they go back to school then, it's been a fun but loooong Christmas break.

Emily said...

Sounds like Justin when he plays with his toys... only he throws them down on purpose!