Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella!!!!!

Today My Isabella Rose turns 8!!! I've been hearing the term "Old Soul" a lot lately, and if ever there was one, Miss Bella is it. It's hard to believe that this little person is only eight.

She speaks as if she has been here through all time. Her questions are not those that can be quickly or easily answered. You have to think about it for a while, and in turn if she is not satisfied with the answer , she will throw it back at you, or as she has done on numerous occasions, answer it herself.

Her heart is big, it holds love for all. It was Bella who came to me first after being told Emilia would most likely be born with Down Syndrome. It was her words that , wise beyond her years have stuck with me. She said, " We'll just love her".
And with those words, she moved on. The words "we'll just love her", were enough for her, and they became enough for all of us.

Bella is as wild as a thoroughbred, don't try to tame this one. She must have space to run free.
She is like the wind, at times unruly and strong, and then in a flash just a sweet gentle breeze.

And then she shows her age and is young and carefree, just a little girl, who loves to snuggle and play and needs family around her.

My sweet Bella, be happy today, embrace the age eight. This year will bring many happy moments for you.

You bring us much joy, Bella! Thank you for making us all so happy.

Thank you God for placing this complex yet incredibly sweet creature in our lives,who makes us laugh and cry and worry and at times pull our hair out, but who always makes us smile with such pride.

Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!!

P.S I love you more!!!


LizBeth said...

I pray she is never tamed by the world! Glad you are her mom. You get it.


Kristen's mom said...

What a blessing to have such amazing daughters. I love the names of all of your daughters. We'll just love her" wise words from a such a little girl.

Emily said...

What a sweetheart you have been blessed with! Happy Birthday!

Lacey said...

Happy Happy birthay sweet Bella! I have to say you have one gorgeous head of hair!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Another year for new discoveries! The day is yours, enjoy it to the fullest!

my family said...

she sounds like a wonderful little girl, happy birthday Bella

Chris said...

Her name fits her...she is beautiful...inside and out.

Happy Birthday to your girl!

My nine year old sounds a lot like her.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Bella....her comment "we'll just love her" gave me an immediate tightening in my throat and tears to my eyes. I just love your family more and more each day!!

To Love Endlessly said...

happy, happy birthday Bella!!!

Tina said...

A very very happy birthday sweet Bella, you are so beautiful and yes you truely are wise beyond your years, "we'll just love her" is something even so-called grown ups find hard to express and simplify in their minds but you have put it across so purely. Did I say she has the kindest face too? I love the last picture of her and Emmie, you should have that enlarged and framed if you haven't done so already.

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday Bella.

What a wonderful post to read written by your mom. You'll look back on this in years from now and be so touched. You are one incredible young lady and I can definitely see why...you're following in your mom's footsteps and yet showing your own individuality too. Hugs to both of you