Saturday, May 22, 2010


Why does she let them do this to her??? These are the type of pictures that randomly appear on my camera. Too funny.

OK for about a year Miss Em has been going to the doctor to have her hearing tested. She has been going every three months. The test they do on her is just a basic sit in the box and see how she responds to sounds around her. That's fine but there is also another person in this box with her. Sitting directly across from her. Sorry , but you could be dropping bombs on her left and right and that's not going to get her to respond to sound. Why, when there is a perfectly good face to look at. It was becoming very discouraging because they obviously we not getting an accurate score on her hearing. Seriously , her last test had her almost deaf. I know she can hear but I also need to know how well... precisely.

A few months back I read a post written by Kelli, her daughter is the exact age as Emmie and she was having a different test done. It's called the BAER test. It is very accurate.

I started to wonder why Emmie wasn't having this test. So I sent Peter to Emmie's next appointment, and he asked them why we are doing this basically useless test on Emmie when there is the BAER test. And guess what, he was met with some opposition! They tried to tell him that Emmie would have to be sedated and blah, blah, blah!!! Are you kidding me. Seriously! My immediate reaction was... sedate her! let's get this done.

Peter was against sedating her and suggested that he take her there at her nap time. She would fall asleep and then they could do the test. They agreed! And the optimistic mom, said it would never work.

Two weeks ago, Emmie went in. And like magic, feel asleep. They did her right ear and the results were great. Her hearing is fine. Yesterday, while I was at the dump on a field trip, Peter took her back and they got the left ear done! No sedation, just a nap!! The results were great again. The kid can hear!!

Kelli, I am so grateful that you mentioned that test in your post. Because of that we were able to have it done on Emmie and now we are certain that her hearing is good!


Ruby's Mom said...

Isn't it great that we can get great advice from each other here on our blogs?
I'm so happy for you that Em's hearing is good!
Funny picture!Who could resist pinching those cheeks :)

Chris said...

Happy to hear that her hearing is just fine, and that she didn't need to be sedated in order to get test done.

Feels good crossing things off the "Things to Worry About" list.

Rochelle said...

Awesome on the hearing test! YEAH! Em you continue to rock this world!
Love the picture, she will get them back one day, but oh those cheeks are rather delicious and irrisistible!

Michelle said...

That is wonderful news, but doesn't it just make your mind reel just a little that these "medical professionals" didn't come up with it on their own??? Sad. Thank goodness for friends and smart parents!

To Love Endlessly said...

I'd never heard of that test before. Thanks for posting this. Also, that's great @ Emmie's hearing being good. I did have to laugh wen you wrote @ dropping bombs and she wouldn't look if there was a face looking at her. SO Marissa. haha. :-)

Kelli said...

That is what we are here for. Glad to hear she cooperated and napped for them. We have managed to get past sedation the same way so far. Great results.
Who couldn't resist pinching those cheeks!

Tina said...

So happy to hear that she can hear!!! It must be a relief. Saira has had the BAER test done twice and unfortunately her right ear came back as "severe deafness" i have to get it done now again in June just to check if it's really deaf or not as well as a tympanogram which checks for fluid in the middle ear 9very common with our kids). I am just hoping its fluid, better than being deaf I guess.

As for that picture well when you have a face that cute can one help but squish it??! Hugs xx

Monica Crumley said...

What a funny pic. John Michael would throw quite a fit if someone did that to him! What a relief for you that her hearing is good! I'd never heard of the BAER test, but if we or someone we know ever needs to look into it, I'm glad to know that they don't need to sedate.