Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thankful Sunday

picture by Sophia

It's MAY!!!! What a beautiful month . Everything is green and growing. That sweet smell is in the air and birds are singing well into the evening, and waking me in the morning.

This week I am thankful for:

Bella's First Communion. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by beautiful people.

Our new pediatrician. I decided to switch after the H1N1 ordeal back in October. Emmie was the first one to get sick, followed closely by Andrew and Olivia. Em's ped didn't want to waste a flu test on her. His words, "If I check every runny nose that comes in here I'd be out of tests in a week" Only thing... Em didn't have a runny nose. She had a fever and flu like symptoms along with her sister at home with all the flu symptoms.
Now we are in a great group of doctors. I feel like we are in very good hands.

My library has some signing time videos. They are awesome and Emmie loves to watch them. Now that she has her walking under control, I can see that she is setting her mind to learn other things. It's so exciting to see her sign more for her ST when she wants more bubbles. My way of thinking... if she can learn to sign"more" than she can learn it all!

The DSSRI fundraiser we went to on Friday night. We were five couples in all and we enjoyed a great meal and comedy show at the Hilton in Providence. The absolute best part of the night was watching some young adults who were sporting an extra chrom, checking people in and helping to sell raffle tickets, and then enjoying the night. Drinking their O'Doules( sp) and chit chatting with friends it was a beautiful and hopeful sight.

And I get to celebrate another First Communion. Bella's Godparents daughter is making hers today.

And I have just enough time today to go to the ballet, Cinderella! Olivia and Sophia are performing.

And I am forever thankful for the friendship of a very special blogger. God somehow lead me to her, because I needed her in my life. Carol you have been a support to me from day one. My Sunday posts are here only because of you. Where ever you go and whatever you do, you do it for the glory of God. You are not only a friend but a beautiful guide to live by. God's blessings to you on your next journey in this life!

Enjoy this first Sunday in May!!!


scrappy quilter said...

Precious friend, I'm so glad to have you in my life too. You are a constant inspiration as is your little treasure. Without a doubt, she has brought more smiles to my face than any other in the blog world. I'm so thankful you plan to continue your Thankful Sundays. Hugs sweet friend

Rochelle said...

What a great week! Happy Sunday!

EL said...

Oh my goodness.. your daughter is adorable! That's how I picture my little Tay looking one day. SO MUCH to be thankful for, for sure. Thank you for your comments on our blog. Love, Erin

Tina said...

Firstly...beautiful beuatiful pictures of Bella, best wishes on her first communion, what a lovely day it was. I love the one of Miss Em preoccupied with herself, how cute is she???

Thanks again for your Sunday Post, I wait for it eagerly, how lovely to read about all the things you are thankful for, I really think you are amazing for taking the time out to actually appreciate the things in your life, we all need to do that more.