Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Last summer riding Thomas the Tank Engine

Sunday , Sunday. Where does the week go. This was a busy one, actually which one wasn't, LOL

Thankfuls this week:

Miss Emilia Faith has great ears! Audiology confirmed her hearing is near perfect.

Summer is almost here! That means some MUCH NEEDED down time. This year was just crazy. Five kids going in five different directions. Too much.

My seeds are growing well that I planted. I have zinnias and morning glories , sun flowers, and forget me nots.

Thankful the pretty birds are back. Some new ones this year too. Oriels , I think. I love to watch them from my swing in the yard.

And two years ago today, on May 23rd 2008, I called my doctor and received the results from the AFP Quad test I took. Positive of course. I felt the life being sucked out of me during that phone call. Almost five months to the day later, on October 22, 2008, Miss Em was born and filled all our lives with unspeakable love and joy.

What I'm thankful for is I can look back on these dates and remember how distraught I was, and see where I am right now and never have to feel that way again. I'm not afraid of Ds anymore. I'm not afraid to speak about it, to share it, to flaunt it, I dare say. To challenge people. I want everyone to see and know what I know. One six pound, ten ounce, eighteen inch, ball of wonder taught me that!

And speaking of a ball of wonder, Miss Presley and her family could use some prayers. Miss P will single handedly take on the world one day (I'm completely sure of this), but today she is in the hospital , and not feeling well. Please pop over to her blog and leave a word of support and a prayer. I know it would be welcomed.
Everyone have a great and blessed Sunday


Rochelle said...

Definitely praying for Presley. Happy Sunday to you guys!

scrappy quilter said...

Will be praying for Presley. As always I so enjoyed your Thankful Sunday and your Sun. e-mails. They mean so much!! Hugs and love

Lori said...

Sounds like another great week! =)

Isn't it almost surreal to look back at those first few days after receiving the Ds diagnosis?

And, definitely lifting that little tiger-fly up in prayer!

Emily said...

Praying for sweet Presley. Always look forward to your Thankful posts..

Beverly said...

such wonderful things to be thankful for!