Friday, July 16, 2010

The Blueberry Pickers

Why we always pick the days that are hot and humid to go blueberry picking is beyond me. This picker flat out refused to pull her weight.

But this one worked very hard.

This one worked very hard too, and stopped to give me a smile. Bella worked so hard she would not take a break for pictures.

Emmie finally started to work, but not at blueberry picking, but at digging.

Somehow I think she will still enjoy the bountiful harvest.

The funny part was we got there at 11:40 thinking they were opened until 1:00, but because of the heat they were closing at 12:00!!! Somehow we still managed to pick 14 pounds of blueberries! They did give us a few extra minutes, but we were picking fast!

Here Sophia is has double duty. Picking and feeding a blueberry loving Em.


LizBeth said...


Rochelle said...

You guys are super pickers! They look so good!
Em - you have it made girlfriend, getting to play in the mulch and getting fed sweet blueberries off the is good isn't it sweetness?

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

how in the world did you pick 14 lbs of blueberries in 20 minutes (+ a little more since they stayed open a little longer for you)???!!!
I am having trouble watching the video past the 37second mark (not sure why) but it looks as though miss em has it made! playing in the mulch is the best and getting to eat blueberries at the same time - even better! so fun!!! :)

Lacey said...

Wow, that is a lot of blueberries in 20 mins! So do you pay so much and go to a public place to pick them?

Kele@ said...

I like the way Em thinks... Why do any of the work?? She's no dummy, she knows she is going to get as many of those yummy berries that she wants regardless!!
That's my blueberry girl, and I love her to pieces!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's a A LOT of work to be a SUPERVISOR! Em, you forgot to wear your white hat, love!

Super post, and I love the video!

Your family is awesome. Wanna adopt us?!♥

To Love Endlessly said...

14 lbs! wow! I bet Emmie loved that trip