Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm Thankful!!

It's not Sunday but I'm still Thankful! Our weather has been so great I couldn't pull myself away from my garden. Even now as I type this I am longing to run outside, but the indoor chores are on the list for today. Maybe if I hurry through them I can still go outside and play, (hehe)

This Friday and Saturday our friends Melinda and Rich (Em's Godparents) invited us down to their beach house. It's so beautiful there and all the kids just run wild! Miss Em loves the beach and sitting in the water. And of course all the attention she gets from everyone. I'm so thankful for their generosity.

Thankful for some special guests who are coming on Friday!!! I'm not saying who... you'll just have to wait!

Thankful our house didn't go up in smoke last Friday night! After we got home from the beach, we all went to sleep. Peter fell asleep watching TV. He said he awoke to some big, loud sound, followed by a really strange burning smell. He said he almost went back to sleep thinking he was dreaming, but the smell was too bad to ignore. Well he looked down at the front door and the outlet was all burned and smoking. We really have no idea what happened. Peter thought it might have been lightening but there is really no sign of that.

And I'm thankful that MOST of the troops pitched in on Sunday and helped with some much needed weeding and yard work. And all were rewarded with ice cream at night.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


Skye is the Limit! said...

Life will calm down soon, I promise...and then in return, we will get our beautiful babies together for a playdate.
Still no surgery date, but I will be pushing for that today and then we will know better for about when we can get together!

Mom Of Many said...

You sound like me...I HATE being inside...and often try to figure out ways to do what needs to be in the house outside. Like taking paperwork out to the porch...just to be outside...cause before long its gonna' be snowing here again and at that thought I downright shudder. ugh

Your beach house trip looks wonderful...can we come next time??


Lacey said...

I'm loving summer, I just wish we lived close to the ocean, the beach is our favorite!

Kim said...

Yikes! So glad that he found the smoke before it turned into something worse.

Love the beach pictures! I wish our weather would cooperate. Just entirely too hot! 100 degrees and add the humidity that makes it feel like 110~ Hot and sticky.

Heather said...

Well you know how very much we love the beach.Glad you were able to soak up some sun and surf as well.

Have been missing you.Hope all is well.Everyone looks happy and healthy and Em is one darling 21 month old!

Rochelle said...

I was just going to email you because you were MIA, hee hee. Now I know why...oh the beach looks fantastic and friends to spend time there with even better.

I hope there isn't any bad wiring etc. going on...scary! Thankful too that you guys are all ok.

Hope your week is awesome, enjoy the company (my MIL and family from the UK are coming in this weekend).

Bulldogma said...

Oh - I LOVE the beach! Lucky you!! Glad you had such fun :o)

The VW's said...

Good to hear from you again....I was hoping things were going well....we usually hear from you a lot more!

I'm thankful to read that you are well, safe and just busy with things of summer! Enjoy the rest of your week and your visitors too! Hugs!!

Michelle said...

PTL he woke up. So glad nothing bad happened. Have a great week!

Tina said...

Emmie seems to be loving the beach, hope she didn't eat too much sand! Looks like you guys have been having a great week, yes so much to be thankful for. Enjoy the rest of your week.