Saturday, July 3, 2010


Her other favorite thing... plastic bags. Loves the sound. No we don't let her play with them on a regular basis! I had just come back from shopping!! LOL It was just a rare treat for Em.

I realize I haven't actually updated any of Em's accomplishments in a while. There has been a long stretch where there wasn't a whole lot to report. But this week Miss Em showed us some new things.

She is trying to run, which is just hysterical. She obviously thinks she is a lot more coordinated than she is. But I love the effort.

She can climb up onto the couch.

She will point to the Cow in her farm book. For some reason she just took a liking to cows.

Will point out eyes, nose and mouth on her doll.

Will sign "more", and "all done". Not always, but I know she can do it. She signs the best for her ST.

Is imitating beautifully. Sounds and gestures and signs.

Eating like a trooper.

Showing a sense of humor!

Will say "up and down" while moving her arms up and down. Yes, those are her first words!!!!

Gives hugs!!!! What a feeling that was the first time I felt those little arms wrap around my neck!!!

Can crawl up stairs. And she is learning to walk down the stairs. For some unknown reason climbing backwards down stairs completely freaks her out so her PT said, "forget it", she will just learn to walk down. Holding hands of course.

She snorted like a pig for her ST the other day! Adorable!!!

And is just able to keep us entertained all day long!


my family said...

way to go Em! Show 'em what you got:) Happy fourth!!

Heather said...

Wow Miss Em.You blow me away.Finding your way,amazingly,with each new day.

Much love from California and a Happy and safe 4th to you all.

mandd3 said...

Way to go Em! Especially the first words, so cute, well ok, and the snorting like a pig!
And geez louise woman, PLASTIC BAGS! I bet you let her sleep on her tummy when she was a baby, left the crib bumpers in, and gave her honey before she was one! LOL.

Rochelle said...

WOO HOO Em for all those great accomplishments! I agree on the hugs...nothing better.
You are doing so great girlie, keep it up!
(Oh and we love plastic bags too!)

Tina said...

Thats amazing all that progress that Miss Emmie is doing, sometimes I worry a bit about my Saira when I read what all the kids are up to, but then I guess we get so used to the stuff she does that I just forget that she is actually doing new stuff too.

I love the pictures in your eartlier post and this one ofcourse as well, it's hard not to love any of Emmie's pics, she is ever so photogenic! (((Hugs)))

Michelle said...

YAY!! Those are all amazing accomplishments! Way to go Em!! Sounds a lot like some of the things Lil is doing too. The caromba....she fell last night and split her eye open. That running can put a mother in sheer terror, though it is a good thing!

I just can't even comment on the bag thing...LOL. Funniest pic ever...

Kele@ said...

Not sure what part I like best, the hugs or snorting like a pig!! LOL!!
Geez what I would give to feel her arms around my neck.
OINK Sweet Em, I love YOU!

Bulldogma said...

Hooray for cows! We have a whole heard that lives in The Skink's bed!

scrappy quilter said...

I'm not surprised she is accomplishing so much. It's wonderful to read. Hugs