Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Melinda...

Auntie Melinda and Miss Em

...just a note to you on your birthday.

(Melinda is Emmie's Godmother and one of my nearest and dearest friends.)

I don't even know if I can possibly sum up what you mean to me in one post. When we first came to St. Peters I "heard" about you and your family. Your very large family. My immediate thought was that you sounded like someone I would like to be friends with. Well, how many years later??? Here we are, not only friends but family.

Friends now family!! Emilia's Baptism. They are missing two of their children in this photo and we are missing Aniela. Almost all of us.

Your support to me through the years has been constant and unwavering. When we were hit with the news about Em, both you and Rich(hubby) were right there for us. The whole family was there for us!!!

I don't know if you remember this, but one day in the school yard , as I was having meltdown number 863, you looked at me and said, "Steph, it is what it is". Of course there were more words before that, encouraging me and telling me I could do this... But it was those words that stuck with me until Em was born.

I stand in complete awe of what you do every single day just to keep the house running and all the kids accounted for! You do it with a grace and beauty no one can compare to. Your days are endless and demanding but you make it all seem effortless. I often wonder how you do it all.

What's your secret? Then I remember. The name shared by you and Em... FAITH!

It carries you through, and it shines out all around you.

I thank God for placing you in my life... how He knew I would need you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Along with your faith, it is your sense of humor and your ability to stay calm that amaze me.
You make me laugh until I cry with the intricate details and colorful way you describe a situation, usually something one of the kids have done. Your stories belong in a book.

Your generosity is known by all. You go above and beyond everyday. You always make time to help out or do something special for someone. And never, ever do you expect any recognition for anything. You are one of the most beautiful examples of someone leading a Christian life, that I have ever seen.

I'm a better person because of you. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Happy Happy Birthday to you my friend.

PS. Sorry I didn't make it yesterday, my day was falling apart at a rapid pace. I really wanted to be there.


my family said...

isnt it wonderful to have such wonderful friends?

Mom Of Many said...

What a sweet tribute to an obviously very precious friend? Friends like that are definitely NOT a dime a dozen...treasure her always...xo

scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful gift of friendship you have. I agree with Linny...treasure her always. Hugs

Kelly said...

There is nothing better than the true gift of friendship!! So happy you have each other:)

Kele@ said...

Sounds like you both are lucky to have one another!