Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Here we are again. I hate to think how fast summer is going by, and we haven't even been to the beach yet! Honestly I don't know what we've been doing. The days just fly by. But as they are flying by I must take the time to remember to be thankful for something. Even when there are weeks that I don't feel like it. This thankful post has become very important to me, because honestly , and we all can agree with this, some weeks are not filled with a lot to feel very thankful about. Some weeks it's hard to come up with something. But it's not impossible!

So I'll start by being thankful about a signing book and video we found for Em. For $2.99! It's not Signing Time but it works the same. She loves it and signs along with the video. Now if you ask her "where's you hat"? She will sign hat. YEAH!!!

here she is having a snack and watching her video.

I'm thankful for the break we have during summer. We may not do too much but it is a needed rest from the day to day craziness.

I'm thankful for a husband who ran back out to the store last night. We had just gotten home from the store and remembered that we forgot to buy what we went for! Typical! No water in the house, not giving the baby tap. So he did an about face and went to get water.

He did not, however, go back a third time when I realized that the cat was out of food. I guess Emmie trumps cat! hehe

I'm thankful for the weather we have been having. Yes it's sizzling but sunny.

Which brings me to my AC that I'm very thankful for!

See it's not impossible to be thankful for something. It doesn't have to be huge. Mine really never are. It's all those little things that I like to remember. It's so easy to overlook them and see nothing to be thankful for.

Keep cool and have a blessed Sunday!


To Love Endlessly said...

whether big or small, your thankful Sundays ALWAYS put a smile on my face and make me say "yeah I'm thankful for the simple things too"

Rochelle said...

I do love your thankful Sunday posts too. Look forward to them each week.
I think often times we think things have to be big to be thankful for them but oh my goodness there are so many itty bitty blessings each day. Thanks for taking time to stop and notice them.
You are a blessing to us.

scrappy quilter said...

I agree, there are always things to find to be thankful for. Hugs

Mom Of Many said...

What sweet pictures!! Especially love the one from the back...she looks like a little angel...with her foo-foo dress all spread out...

And today I am thankful that we are away from our normal's been a great week and very refreshing..just have to do it more often!! xo

Lacey said...

It has been dang hot here the last couple of days! But I'll still take this over snow anyday!!

ch said...

How I love that fluffy tutu on her sports blanket, riveted by the sight of the soccer ball. Perfection.