Friday, April 8, 2011

Brigita Is Waiting

I wish I could put in to words how I love this Dumpling. This little one that I have never met. If I said that if I close my eyes I can feel her in my arms would you think I was crazy? Maybe, if you haven't lost your heart to an orphan yet, you might say that that were impossible. But you see my heart is gone, long gone to this Sweetie. (Brigita's photo is in my sidebar)

Brigita is very loved, but she still sits alone waiting. Waiting to feel her mama's arms around her.
My estimation has it that four people in this world love Miss Brigita. Four people would love to be her mama, but for one reason or another do not qualify to bring her home. So she sits.

Honestly she cannot sit and wait much longer or she will be lost. I'm not being dramatic here, just truthful. My Sophia is her prayer warrior and Helle is her RR Warrior. She is having a fund raiser for Miss B. It's just about as easy and informal as it gets. Here is her post. Please , please help Miss B. Money helps but it's a mama that she needs NOW!

Helle's post:

Brigita and friends- the details

As I told you last night, I gave up on the thought of fundraising privately. Partly because- in all honesty- I can't see the success coming, in spite of Brigita's dedicated cheerleaders. And there was also another thought gnawing away at my consciousness. After all, the Reece's Rainbow team has chosen to structure the site this way. Individual fundraising for the youngest, group grant for the oldest. They have concluded that at one point it is better to maximise the chances that ONE of the children will get a family. Because most of them, well, won't.

It's heartbreaking, but true- the chances of finding a family shrink as the child grows. It makes sense to structure the childrens' grants the way RR does. That still doesn't make me like the Older Girls' page, hehe. I remember how upset I was when I found out Brigita had been moved! As a new bloggy friend wrote in an e-mail: "I feel like they are buried on that page", which is exactly what I feel too. That page is a no-hoper. The girls won't be going anywhere, they'll be listed forever, it's hopeless.

But hey, that's not the whole story. Every once in a while a special family steps forward, and a very special child is able to go home. Next time, that child may very well be Brigita.

And... if I managed to raise some money for Brigita, and what happened was that

Heidi, or...

Cameron, or...

Kate, or...

Shawna, or...


... or any of the other lovies on the 6+ page found their family instead, would that make feel cheated in any way? Like my effort was all in vain, and we had failed? Heavens no! As Brigita's warrior, I have a special place in my heart for her, and I will do regular Brigita postings throughout the fundraiser. But as long as the grant is a group grant, if the fundraiser can help any of the waiting girls, I would consider it a huge success!

So this is a small, informal fundraiser for Brigita and friends :)

The rules are few and simple:

1) The fundraiser runs from today through April, and ends on May 1st.

2) Donations are made through the RR page

3) Please leave a comment or give me an e-mail nudge if you donated and would like to enter. I'll keep
track of both participants and our joint progress.

4) Effort also counts! Were you interviewed in a local newspaper about RR? Did you advocate for
Brigita at a church or community event? Did the artist of the house create a Brigita flyer? You're in!

5) There will be a few small prizes given away at the end. Tokens, really ;-) I'll make a separate post
about them very soon.

6) Suggestions are welcome! I have never done anything like this before, and I most likely stink at it, so
any help is appreciated.

Main thing is, you have to start somewhere. And while we raise the fund for the Older Girls, I can't stress often enough that awareness is just as important, so those of you who have your own fundraisers to focus on can still make a huge difference for Brigita in that respect!

The Older Girls' fund stands at $478,80, as of today.
99,99% of prospective adoptive parents don't know about RR, and certainly don't know about Brigita.

Let's go change that!

Every little girl deserves hope... and dreams.


Brandi said...

i am currently advocating for this sweet girl via facebook. she is my profile picture and i post, asking for prayers for this little girl. i have linked her RR page to the posts and picture. she is precious! she must get a home!


Robin E. said...

Thanks so much for advocating for our sweet girl! I knew she would capture other hearts out there.

If you are crazy, then you're in good company! This little girl is really special. There has got to be someone out there in a position to adopt who would fall in love with her, too. It's just a matter of getting to them.

Lacey said...

Its so sad that the older girls get lost in this abyss. I so wish I could bring them all home!