Friday, April 22, 2011

Just My Thoughts And Feelings On This Good Friday.

I wasn't planning on posting today. I just wanted to use my morning time to catch up on some blogs and get back in touch. Feel like I've been away from blogland lately. But as I set out on my routine of going down my blog roll, the stories and posts today set the mood. It is Good Friday and the first thing I saw this morning was this from Diane, Lera's mommy, it's called Is's Friday but Sunday's Comin'
I put it at the end of this post, but please read through first.

Then I headed over to check on
Olga and her family. And I left crying. I always get emotional when I go to Jenn's blog. It's Olga for goodness sake, the Dumpling that changed my heart and put a passion in me that I never expected. I want her home. The Abell family is having a yard sale today and tomorrow, A big one. Please pray that it is a successful one. They still need 14,000 to be fully funded and still need to submit their dossier. I'm praying that someone who comes to the yard sale is moved to do something big!

So after visiting Olga I thought I'd head over to see Pudge and Zippy. They're always good for a laugh. And yes Courtney has some delicious photos that made me laugh and cry at the same time. Love , love , love those kids.

Thinking I had recovered I went to see Polly, Kristen's mom and she has posted a beautiful quote about sorrow and how it touches us all, and again I found myself in tears.

And yes, there were some other happy posts that I took joy in this morning too. Birthdays and blessings, and things that made me smile. Photos that made me wish I could jump through the computer screen and just squeeze some of those smiling faces.

So with all that said and done I've decided to fast today. A Good Friday Fast. For successful fundraisers, for sad hearts missing their loved ones, for happy hearts that they always see their blessings, for the needs of my friends in blogland, and for the miracles that you pray for, the ones between you and God. For peace of mind, For Brigita's mama wherever you are. For all the waiting orphans. I'd love some company in fasting today.

Is's Friday but Sunday's comin'


Michelle said...

Praise GOD!! Lillian and I have a ritual at night when we go to bed, We hold hands and I pray and sometimes she prays. I was watching this video and she climbed up in my lap, held my hand and wanted to pray. I have tears running down my face and can hardly say a thing...

Rochelle said...

Beautiful friend! Praying with you today!

Robin E. said...

Fasting with you today, Stephanie, for all your intentions, and especially for Brigita and for her family to come forward for her soon!