Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brigita's Giveaway, All the Way From NORWAY

Yes, when I said Miss Brigita had" Mama's" everywhere who love her I wasn't kidding. One of bloglands best treasures lives in Norway and is Brigita's Warrior.

This giveaway is very special to me. One, it's for Brigita and two, it takes place in Norway. think about it, do you know what the shipping is from Norway to the States? Brigita's Warrior has the biggest heart and to even attempt this is amazing. But she loves Miss B and wants more than anything to find her mama.

Please continue reading, the rest is Helle's post about her giveaway. It should be called "Tokens From The Heart" because that's exactly what it is. Please support it and Helle, and who knows, maybe soon Miss B will be on the MFFMP! We're not giving up on this kid.

The token prize post :)

... at last!

No fundraiser without a prize, right?

So as soon as I decided to pull something together for Brigita and Friends, my mind started reeling over what to offer.

A natural place to start fundrasing these days, would be somewhere near iTown ;-)

iPads, iPods, iPhones and such seems to be very popular now, and I can see why. It IS a cool thing to win!

Trouble is, I live in what might very well be the most expensive country in the world (ask any bewildered tourist who just got off the airport express train and grabbed a pint at the nearest shabby outdoor cafe. "Ten dollars? Is this some kind of joke?"). So to buy some gadget here at three times the American price, and then pay to send it to the States, would border on madness. I'd rather put the excess money into the older girls' account.

But I had to find something, just for the sport of it:) And as this is, after all, the
Noggie Bloggie of the Broken English Spoken Perfectly, why not go for the tourist approach?

Prize one: Cheese slicer (aka "ostehøvel")

This Noggie invention, dated 1925, is practical for cutting your Jarlsberg cheese!
I'll promise to find a nice one.

Prize two: Freia milk chocolate

I googled to find some nice souvenir shops, but what I found was a lot of travellers' blogs going on and on about that fabulous Noggie chocolate and how it was their favourite souvenir.
So, even though I personally think that it's kind of cheapo as far as souvenirs go, I will listen to the experts and ship a few bars overseas. I might even add a traditional....

(no, no extra points for figuring out the meaning behind the odd spelling!)

Considering that there are so far only three participants- please leave a comment if you feel left out- I think we will leave it at that for the 1st of May drawing. But as this fundraiser is a work in progress, and some people have signaled they would like to participate later, I plan a June 1st drawing as well.

Maybe a...

troll (every mantlepiece is begging for one. Not necessarily quite this big, though)

Or perhaps some traditional jewelry to go with your bunad ?

A brooche?
Or maybe you prefer earrings?

The possibilities are endless :) And as always, any advice/help/criticism on this project is most appreciated. I am still a total newbie in these matters.

Anyway, the first drawing will take place on May 1st- for the cheese slicer and the yummy choco.
All of you who have donated to the older girls fund, or advocated for Brigita in any way, are in!

Click here to donate to the Older Girls on Reece's Rainbow
Click here to go to Helle's blog

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