Monday, April 18, 2011

Helping Without Spending

OK, listen to this. One of my new favorite people in blogland is doing something amazing. Besides adopting a Princess from EE herself she is one of the BIGGEST advocates on the planet.
She is always lending a hand to others to help them get their Dumplings home too.
This is what Deanna is up to now. The Burgers are bringing home Brian and The Brownings are having a great Giveaway for them, Deanna and her husband Rob are donating one dollar for everyone that posts a link to the giveaway on their blogs or on FB.

The idea is to get the word out about the giveaway. The Burgers are short and they need to raise the rest of the money to be fully funded and get Brian out of hell and into their arms.

Read all the details here
The Brownings giveaway is here

And Beautiful Brian. He looks like an angel.



This is a great way to help without spending money. Of course donations are gladly accepted. But I know sometimes I just cannot help out in a monetary way. There is always a way to do something! No gift is too small, no effort is in vain. I think I spent 15 minutes putting this post up. And hopefully Brian is one small step closer to home. If everyone does one small thing for these children it will turn into something huge!

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Rochelle said...

So praying for the Burger family. Their desperately need this money, I have donated and FB'd Deanna's challenge.