Saturday, June 18, 2011


UPDATED: There is $90.00 in The Abell's chip in! That from only three people! See how possible this is! Now only $485.00 needed!

"Thank you all who prayed, donated, and shared our giveaway. We made $925 of the $1500 we needed to switch agencies. We are putting another chip in up as a couple people wrote us saying they would donate later this weekend. We have a lot of decisions to make over the next couple days and we covet your prayers during this time".
Jenn Abell

Here's the addition, 925 + 575= 1500 The Abell's need another 575.00 to switch agencies and be in better hands and bring Olga home.

Here's the subtraction, they don't raise the money by Monday and Jenn& Chris- Olga= HEARTACHE

Would you loose your child for 575.00?? Would you give up your child for 575.00?? Would you say Shoot we were so close but we just can't do it, too bad. Would you turn your back on them???? TELL ME!!!!

I know I'm preaching to the choir here. I love my followers my friends out here, and I know what you all have already done. And I thank you. But many are still

I've got nothing to loose here so you know what today I let it all out.

This is our situation. My husband has been out of work for months we don't have a penny. LITERALLY! You don't even want to know how we have been living and surviving!
BUT within that time I, with the help of my community have raised about $2300.00.
since January for Olga.
It's not a fortune but it was something. I'm not saying this to give myself a pat on the back or make others feel bad. I can care less about crap like that. I'm saying this to ALL the people who say they want to give but can't.Please tell me WHY you can't.
I asked the school my kids go to to donate items for a yard sale. For three weeks in a row we had yard sales for Olga. We raised 80.00. We had a dress down day. These things didn't cost me any money, but they helped. If I can do these things you can too.

In December everyone with a blog was posting for Olga. Everyone was crying for Olga, everyone was praying for Olga. Then Olga got a family! And everyone said Thank you God and WENT ON WITH LIFE.
OLGA is not home yet. She is not safe yet! WHY are WE not finishing what was started in December!
WE cannot let her be lost because of 575.00!!!!!!
I'm asking that you please post on her behalf. FB, twitter, whatever you can do.

Jenn's chip in is still up. I am begging please make a SMALL sacrifice to save a life. Please don't be the one to say I would if I could, because everyone can do something. Please do not say 5 dollars won't help because at this point every flippin penny helps. You don't have to donate 100.00 to make a difference. Please, if we in our pathetic situation can do something I know you can too.

I will not stand before God and try to explain why I didn't do all I could. I will not let Him show me what would have happened if only I had made an effort. I will not let Him show me the life Olga could have had if only I had done more.

WILL YOU???????

575.00 by MONDAY or God will be asking WHY!

We are His hands and feet!

I know I don't normally write like this but I cannot believe that Olga is not home yet. We have the ability to make it happen, to support The Abell's and get her HOME. WHY in the hell aren't we?

Can you look into those eyes with a clear conscience. When you meet her in heaven will she know you did all you could...

575.00 by Monday...

BTW, I'll be fasting and praying today for Olga and The Abell's, I'd welcome some company.

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Rochelle said...

Amen sister! Donated to them again and trying to spread the word. We cannot stand by and let them be defeated in this!