Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now YOU Know My ABc's...

Oh, I thought this was so cute. Plus I like to know things about my bloggy friends that they would not normally talk about in a post. April over at The Narretto Family, posted this ABC post. It's not too invasive but gives a few interesting tid bits. She invited others to play along so here are my ABC's.

A, AGE, UGH, what a way to begin! 42

B, Bed Size, Queen

C,Chore you hate, scooping the cat litter box!

D, Dog, None at the moment. I use to have a greyhound named Quincy.

E, Essential start to your day, COFFEE

F, favorite color, any earth tone. As Peter so kindly puts it, the color of dirt.

G, Gold or Silver, I'm not picky, whichever one you give me.

H, Height, 5' 3"ish?

I, Instrument you play , none :( I'm not musical at all. I did take piano lessons when I was little and can still play a mean Fara Shaka with one finger.

J, Job Title, Well this could take a while. I guess as any SAHM, can attest to. How about the most grossly underpaid, Physician, Psychologist, Short order cook, Laundress, Event Coordinator, Referee, Cheerleader, Friend, Foe, Adviser, Financial Consultant, Entertainer, Clutter Clearer, Hair Stylist, Personal Driver, and my personal favorite, Hug Giver and Receiver.

K, Kids, 6 beautiful creatures! Aniela my stepdaughter who is 24!! Olivia 13, Sophia 11, but turning 12 in a few days!!! Bella Bella, 9 , the boy!!! Andrew 7, and Miss Emilia Faith 32 months , which is way to close to THREE years old!!!

L. Live, In the smallest state in the union with the biggest name , Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. But you can just call it RI.

M, Mothers name, Jeanne

N, Nicknames, I don't really have any, I give them but I don't think I've ever gotten one. Peter calls me Stefania, or Stefcia. The Polish version of Stephanie. My Grandpa used to call me Stefania too. It's also the Italian version.

O, Overnight Hospital Stays. when I was three I had my tonsils out. The nurse made it so much fun! And other than that just to deliver the Dumplings.

P, Pet peeve, I have so many. My most serious one, People who think they are better than others. That gets under my skin. On a lighter note, PILES!! Piles of stuff that accumulate around my house, and watering the garden. UGH, I can't stand watering! I love planting , but someone else better water. And cleaning out the fridge, and going to the bank!

Q, Quote from a movie, "Why this old thing? I only wear it when I don't care how I look" Violet, from It's a wonderful Life . And " Is this the ear you can't hear out of? George Bailey I'll love you til the day I die" Mary, also from It's a Wonderful Life.

R, Right or left handed, I'm a genuine South Paw

S, Siblings, I was an only child until I married Peter. Now I have the most handsome and sweet brother Michael, who unfortunately lives in Poland. But I love so much!

T, Time you wake up, The alarm clock goes off at 5:30. I'm usually up by 6:00.

U, Umbrella?? Well, it's usually in the car when I'm in the house or vise versa.

V, Vegetables you dislike, Please keep brussel sprouts away from me. For some reason the only time I ever ate them was when I was pregnant with Olivia. I cannot look at them or smell them now!

W, What makes you run late? I'm glad W wasn't weight, LOL Anyway what makes me run late, let's see... Peter, Olivia , Sophia, Bella, Andrew. So far Em very conscience of the time.

X, X- rays you've had. My knees and my back, both are rotten!

Y, Yummy foods you make, Lasagna and I think I make a mean beef stew. Liv. loves my homemade cake.

Z, Zoo, favorite animal, Elephants! Love them!!

Who's next???


my family said...

thanks for joining in, it is fun reading about your blogging friends. We have quite a bit in common. Didnt realize my girls are the same ages as your kiddos. 11 1/2, 9, 7

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

the three wise menn said...

I love it!!! :) I might do it if I can figure out how to copy and paste with blogger...because I'm too lazy to retype the questions.