Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Girl

Olivia's eighth grade graduation. How? How did all those years go by already? I'm beyond proud of this girl of mine. I don't know how she manages dancing and school and keeping great grades, but somehow she makes it all look easy.

Liv, you take my breath away. I can't believe my little girl has grown into such an extraordinary young lady. I'll always miss that little girl but I'm excited about the future... your future, where anything is possible. You have the ability and the heart to make it all happen.

Now I'm crying! I somehow made it through the graduation and the dinner and the tear jerker video with the music to match, but now I'm crying. UGH

I love you Liv, and of course... I love you more


Michelle said...

bittersweet, I believe is the best term. I was just trying to explain it to my girls the other day. There is joy in watching them go, but also some suffering for us. She's beautiful!

Lacia said...

awww....she's beautiful.

Rochelle said...

Happy graduation Olivia! Beautiful!