Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lovin this crossed eyed Tiger. I went on a field trip with Bella's class to Southwick Zoo in MA. Amazing zoo. And I love this guy. Just wanted to grab his cheeks. Of course he probably would have grabbed my neck, but he was a definite favorite.

And this lazy man. Would not budge!
And he definitely wasn't going to roar. I did hear a lion roar once. We were at a zoo in Poland, visiting family and the lion there let out a good one, it was feeding time! Wow it was a scary sound. I think the info sign said it could be heard for two miles, or something ridiculous like that. no wonder old lazy bones here is the King of the jungle.

Then there were was this fearless wonder. That's my girl!
Who also was just received : The Best sense of humor award in her third grade class by her teacher. Wonder where she gets it from.


Rochelle said...

Looks like a great field trip!

Patti said...

oh my gosh, the cross eyed tiger, too funny!

Lacey said...

Ok, we have that same drinking fountain at our zoo! That tiger is so beautiful! I love white tigers. And the crossed eyes are the best!