Sunday, June 19, 2011

One Still Missing

UPDATE: 185.00 to go and it's not even 8:30 am yet!! COME ONE!!!!! my heart is racing!!!

Well, in the few hours that I did manage to sleep last night Jenn's chip in went up $100.00!!
The reach is getting closer. Just over $200.00 is needed so that The Abell's can switch agencies and be in better hands to bring their daughter Olga home. I'm still praying that Chris can get a great Fathers day gift from all of us. I'd love for him to see $575.00 in their chip before the day is over.
Olga belongs to them. They love her and will be the best parents in the world. We prayed for them to come along and they did. They answered the call, but they still need our support.

They have not had the best support from some, and that saddens me. When anyone decides to adopt, they have , just with that decision, already made a huge sacrifice. They have already made the conscience effort to bring another child into their lives, to be put under a microscope by another country, to be buried alive in paper work, to answer tons of personal questions,.and to raise an ungodly amount of money. Really the last thing anyone adopting needs are others trying to bring them down, or make them feel bad because of their decision.

Imagine just saving a life and someone asking you, Why did you do that?

We need to raise them up and carry them, for they are doing God's work. They heard the whisper and they answered it.

So as you gather today with the Father in your life, be it your husband , your father, brother, uncle. As you watch him laugh with delight at the homemade cards and gifts, as you watch him play outside, or pick up a little one to snuggle. As you watch him catch a moment to just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of his children playing, please keep Chris in mind. Think about what's going through his head today, the uncertainty , the questions, the anxiety. As Chris watches his children today, as they embrace him and yell out Happy Father's Day, he will remember that there is one missing. One so very far away, he cannot hear her yelling for him, yet his heart can!

Just 200,00 more dollars can put them on a better road to get her home. Are there 20 people out there who can spare $10.00 on this Father's Day to bring a little girl home to her family??

I think so, I know so. Think of the smile on Chris' face, think of the joy the whole family will have to know they can bring her home where she belongs.

Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers out there. To all of you, to the ones who can hold your children tight today, and to the ones still waiting and praying. God bless you all.

Click here to donate and make this a great Father's day for Chris


Julia said...

Just so you know... I've been posting and praying that God will provide. We donated a bit. Your passion touches me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Donated a little bit to help out. Hope they bring her home soon! Stacey Buell

Rochelle said...

Awesome, love your heart to help those of us on this journey!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

my husband may divorce me but i wanted you to know in just donated $200.00. She will come home! i will not rest without these souls in the arms of loving families! you ar awesome, your advocating and honest heart has touched mine! You are the miracle worker in this. Your time and love make the difference! thankyou dear blogworld frind for helping prompt us all to help as we should in however we can! i just so wish it was more more more!!! I want to write full cheques for all the families that is my heart in this, but my own family may disown me and I love them too! Much love jane xxxxxx

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

just wanted to add, I havent made the above comment to get any thanks at all...i would hate it to come across as that...its a tiny tiny tiny thing to do, but infact i wanted you to know through my comment that ITS YOU! THATS DOING GREAT THINGS! your compassion is touching people, it touched me, its a force for good. i wanted YOU to know that its YOU that is making the difference here! I read the comment back and had a wobble that it looked like it was about me, its not! its about you and the precious soul that Olga is and her wonderful family waiting to hold her! You are amazing honey, i am inspired! please keep doing what you are doing, your brave heart and love can and will move mountains! xxxxxxxx