Friday, June 8, 2012

Cookbooks Still up for Grabs and I've Got the Chip In!

Here's what's up. Due to issues beyond their control for the safety of their adoption the Abell's have temporarily closed their blog. No big deal but just bad timing for the success of their cookbook, which is going towards their 2nd trip.  

So I've got the chip in!  

Here is a peek of the book with over 80 yummy recipes compiled by just some of the people who love and support Jenn and Chris. 

 This adoption will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most stressful yet absolutely one of THE MOST miraculous!

Two little girls are so very close to ending their time in limbo. Their ransom is almost completely purchased and they have an incredible family chomping at the bit to love and hold them forever!!!!

I've developed a friendship with Jenn that I value as I would a rare gem. I've watched her evolve and grow during this adoption. I've seen her sad, mad and frightened. She has been stressed to the max, and tried and challenged by friends. I've seen her support grow and I've seen it all but disappear.  I've seen this woman fall and get back up so many times I stopped counting. She has been told to give up, walk away, it can't be done. And repeatedly and consistently her answer has been a resounding.


A $20.00 donation to the chip in in my sidebar will get you a beautiful cookbook made with so much love and faith. Shipping is included. All you have to do is enjoy it! And know that you helped bring a family together, to be a family forever.  



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Rochelle said...

Praying this is a huge success and they raise all the funds needed.