Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little League Badge of Honor


As Andrew stepped to the plate, I said a simple prayer,  "Please God, just let him get a hit"

Something went awry with that prayer. 

I said get a hit, not take a hit...

And the tears fell, and the players took a knee, and Andrew sucked it up and went to first.

And my heart was so proud!!!

And afterwards we noticed just how hard of  a hit he took.His arm is imprinted with the stitching of the baseball!  All those perfect little red dots.

It hurt like hell but at least it looks cool.

seasons almost over, seasons almost over, seasons almost over..... I'll be fine ;)


Rochelle said...

Bless him, glad he is ok. Been worried about you my friend. Hope you are ok.

Lacey said...

Oh my husband and Carter would be so proud! His first stitching marks! Just last night at practice Carter dove to catch a ball and scraped his elbow all up. Not to mention his killer play at home when the runner totally plowed him over. But he was out because Carter never dropped the ball, even though the wind was totally knocked out of him. Yes baseball can be a treacherous game as well!