Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fight Each Battle Until The War Is Won!

I've been around enough adoptions to know it's a freaking battle field! You (the parents) are on the front lines of a war no one knows is raging! 

 You start out alone, with no weapons, no skills, no strategy. You enter the "war zone" with a smile and hope. Maybe also a little naivety.

You have your heart set on a child. Your child!!! And nothing is going to get in your way. You start out strong and confident.

But you soon learn that you need some help, and you call in the Calvary, the foot soldiers and any other able bodied people you can find. You soon realize there are bombs dropping all around you. 

WTH, you just want to take your baby home. But the obstacles are tremendous! There are set backs that you would have never imagined in your wildest dreams. Your child is available for adoption yet it seems the country wants to make it impossible. They don't want your child yet it seems they don't want you too have her  either. Things happen that confuse you and sometimes the battle wears you down. You get discouraged and maybe at times think it is impossible. 

The dream was so simple, so beautiful in the beginning. Why couldn't it have just stayed that way.

But you are the leader. You are in command and your troops look to you. What is your next move?

Are you going to give up?

Hell No!

Some of your army has left you. They don't think it can be done. They lost faith. Got tired. Scared, Confused. Whatever happened, they are gone. But you are still standing there on the battlefield. Bombs dropping, smoke clouding your view. You can't run. Logically your head is telling you to get out of there. It's just too much. Too much money, too much time, too much effort. And no guarantee . Nothing! But your heart, which is a hundred times stronger than your head, demands you to stay. Do not retreat! Stand and fight!

But then, suddenly the smoke clears for a while. And it's silent. A cease fire.

And there in the distance, you see her. She's there, she's alive, she's waiting for her mama! 

You run to her, and she is finally in your arms. And she smiles.

She is all the strength you need. 

You rally the troops still left and call in reinforcements because you're not leaving the battle until the war is won!

You are her mama. She is your child and Satan himself better take cover.


 This is just about where Chris and Jenn Abell are in their adoption. They are taking home Olga and Vanessa. 

They were fully funded. They had done everything. They had fought the fight and won. They had nothing left to do but bring their daughters home. 

Their first trip took much longer than it was supposed to. No fault of their own, but there were delays and then more delays when they were in country.  

While they were there they tried to conserve as much money as possible. They didn't go sightseeing, they didn't spend any money on souvenirs, they only ate one meal a day!

They are also required to make 14 visits with each child! The girls are over two hours away from each other! 

That cannot be done in a few days. So they will have to spend more time in country than anticipated.

This is what I mean about no guarantees. You sometimes can never foresee the problems that might arise. They are not all written down in a book somewhere. And every adoption is different! Just like every pregnancy. Some are relatively quick and easy, and some almost kill you!

The Abells need our support more now than ever. 
They are always right there for everyone else.
If you are part of the Abells Army, thank you!
If your not.... well there is always room for a few more warriors! 

Right now Jenn has a beautiful cookbook available. Please consider donating $20.00 towards  one, and sharing. blogging or posting on FB about it.

You can donate through the chip in here on my blog. There is also one on Jenn's blog. 
Jenn also has a FB page, Sugar and Spice, please "like" it. There you can buy her beautiful bows, cookbook and see what else she is up to raise money for their adoption.

They need 15,000 to be fully funded. I will not give up. I will not turn away or run for cover. She wouldn't do that to me.

I've seen twice that raised in two days. All children deserve to come home. Money should never be the mountain that can't be crushed!

Please help us rally for Olga and Vanessa. We need to bring them home!


Rochelle said...

Praying that this is a huge success. Ugh I know they are tired of fundraising. Please God provide!

Stephanie said...

When we were going through our process; we thought some of the things we faced were hard. We were naive. As I have been part of the RR family, I have learned what families have to go through again and again, fight battle after battle to get their kids home. Ours was easy compared to others.

I'll join the army and donate!