Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Dmitry

These Tuesday posts are getting harder and harder. Every week another beautiful face. And never is there an end to faces in sight. Every Tuesday there is another one. Another little face being highlighted. A drop of hope that someone will see them and recognize them as there son or daughter. 

This week is Dmitry

To me Dmitry looks like a baseball player. I can see him swinging his bat, and I can so see him in a baseball uniform. He's got that look.  He looks like he'd be a great base stealer. Quick on his feet and always thinking. Maybe a pitcher, with a steady arm and a good eye. 

Not this summer, though.

Maybe next summer....

Maybe, someone will see him, fall in love and take him home.

Boy, born November 2004
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond

Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Character: quiet, affectionate boy, easily comes into contact with adults and children. Interested in classes, complete instructions after the joint action.  Considered higher functioning and doing well!



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